Blogger Lift

Today, I 'm featured on In Between Writing and Reading. Stop on by and read my interview. Thanks so much, Jude, for this opportunity.


I'm baaaaaaack...

...and I SO missed blogging. I'm still busy (working and preparing for my trip), but I'm trying to get back to blogging. It'll be a little easier now cos I've got a new & better phone. I still don't have Internet access at home, but the Internet on my phone is so much quicker now.

Anyway, I've decided to leave my book reviews on this blog and start a different blog for my Abu Dhabi experience. It'll be up within the week.

That's it for now. Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!


Random Thoughts Thursday

I promise I haven't forgotten about blogging. I've just been so busy getting things together for my move to Abu Dhabi (notarizing, authentication, travel forms, etc). I'll be back within a week or 2 (more like a week, tho cos I miss blogging). There are gonna be a few changes here in the next coming months. I'll go more into detail after I've worked things out. But I'll be back. Really. I promise. Pinky swear.