Inspirational Sunday

I have a "Letters from God" journal where I keep any promise of God I come across in the Bible. These promises bring me so much comfort, especially when I remember that God has never gone back on a promise and He never will. Never. So for Inspirational Sunday, I'd like to post those promises. May they bring you as much comfort as they have brought me.

Letter #1

My child,

Are you tired? Weary? Weak? Then put your hope in Me. I will give you strength when you are weary and power when you are weak. If you are tired, I will renew your strength. You will soar like eagles. You will run without growing weary and walk without growing faint. All you need to do is put your trust in Me.

Love, your Father
(Isaiah 40:29,31)

My Father,

Yes, I am tired, weary, and weak. I don't have the energy to go on. But I thank you that I can find my strength in You. You have promised that, if I put my hope in You, I will be strengthened and given power. Thank you for giving me eagle's wings. Thank you for giving me the strength to go on. Thank you for allowing to run and walk this race called life without growing weary or faint. Thank you!

Love, Your princess


It's Been a Long Time....

So, it's been awhile since I last posted. A long while. As in "over a year" while. What can I say? I've definitely fallen behind on many important things. But hopefully, I'm back.


I may or may not post as much as I'd like to, but I will post. I miss blogging. It helps keep my creative juices flowing.

Although, do people even blog anymore?

Anywho, I'm back for the time being. Back to share my all-around awesomeness. Hehe.

So stay tuned...