So, I'm in Mexico now and I'm lovin it! I'm here from June 25th - July 29th. I figured, since I'll be here for a whole month, why not invite my blogosphere friends along for the ride? Instead of waiting til my trip is over - in the event that I forget some important detail - I'll blog each week (about 5 weeks). Starting next Sunday, you'll get a glimpse of Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico through my eyes. Let me tell you, it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL here...and we're not even by a beach (Acapulco is about 3 hours away). I think I'll name the next few blog posts...Mexican Paradise (I know Cuernavaca has its shortcomings like any other city, but, it's still paradise). So, stay tuned...


Excitement in the Air

Okay, so a little over a month ago, I blogged about the choice I had to make between full-time teaching and my own business (see "Let the Games Begin"). I had been leaning toward my own business, but wasn't so sure. About 2 Thursdays ago, I really couldn't sleep. This decision was weighing heavily on my mind. Trying to sleep was pointless, so I got up to think and pray about this decision.

I missed teaching - actually, I missed having my own group of kids...not the "technical" part of teaching (lesson plans, IEPs, meetings, etc). Teaching also brought about a guaranteed check (in the early stages of my business, money may not be as good). I'd felt that, if I didn't go back to teaching, my time and money (and school loans) would have been spent for nothing. Then, I got to thinking about having my own business. I get to be my own boss! That's cool enough for me. I thought about my degrees and the fact that I would actually get to use them. I'd still be an educator (using my Bachelors in Education), even if I'm not in the classroom; I'm thinking about getting my LPC license so I can add counseling to my business (using my Masters in Counseling) and I'll continue to do research in reading motivation (using my EdD in Teacher Leadership). So, what's stopping me from going for it (my business)? Nothing but fear. Anyway, by the time I'd finished, it was 2 AM and I'd made my decision...expand my business.

So, I've totally stopped thinking about full time teaching. My focus is now on everything I need to do to make my and my sister's business happen. I was reminded that, when I was 12, I'd decided that I was going to have a chain of enrichment centers across this country. I even made a business plan...well, the kind of plan a 12 year-old could make anyway. Over the years, I'd gotten rid of the plan and even forgotten about the chain. I'll be looking into making AYM Enrichment a full-fledged business. Yay!

In other news, I've gotten my 12th agent rejection yesterday, but I'm not giving up. I will become a published author and my books will be best-sellers.

To end today's blog, I must say...GO CELTICS! I soooo wanted them to win. They weren't my first choice, but I'm not a fan of Kobe Bryant. Congrats!
Oh, next Wednesday, I leave to the beautiful Cuernavaca, Morelos (in Mexico) for my month-long vacation. I am in major need of this vacation. I'm looking forward to fun in the sun, relaxing, chilling with my sis (who's lived there for the past 2 years, but is now moving back), working on my espanol, etc. Here's a pic from when I visited her last year. This was taken in Acapulco (also beautiful). I don't leave 'til next Wednesday, but mentally, I'm already there!



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