Season Finales

Okay, I'm not sure about y'all, but I've been glued to the TV for the last 2 weeks (between 7 and 10). Why, you ask? Why, season finales, of course! I sat and watched the finales of shows that I'd faithfully watched all season. For practically the whole season - had a little break during writers' strike - I had shows from Sunday to Thursday. I'm still addicted to Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, but they come on at the same time as two of my other shows. Anyway, here was my schedule:

Sunday: Cold Case - I missed the season finale, but I love this show!

Monday: CSI: Miami - OMG! The finale left me hanging (which is just what finales are supposed to do). Who shot Horatio? I know Horatio isn't going to die because he's, like, the main character, but, they left us thinking that there was a possibility! And, WHO SHOT HIM (did I ask that already)? Or who had something to do with it?

Tuesday: Law & Order: SVU - Another OMG! I know from online news that 2 characters are leaving, but that didn't stop my heart from breaking when I saw the finale. It won't be the same without ADA Casey Novak or Chester Lake (well, more Novak 'cause she's been on longer).

Wednesday: Criminal Minds - Okay, I know I'm repeating, but, OMG! Who's truck was blown up? I can't even find out if anyone's leaving the show. It doesn't say anywhere that anyone's leaving. I think it's JJ who'll be injured. *sigh* I have to wait the WHOLE summer to find out. Ouch! CSI: New York - didn't really have a lot of...umph, but I loved it anyway. Part of me wanted to believe that the suspect was telling the truth, but I figured he wasn't. Still, they left me with a cliffhanger (another one). What's going to happen to Mac?

Thursday: Ugly Betty - OMG, another cliffhanger. Who will she choose: Henry or Gio (truthfully, I want her to choose Gio), is Daniel really leaving Mode, will Wilhemina really get her way? I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this show and I absolutely LOVE America Ferrera! CSI - I knew that Gary Dourdan was leaving (heart broken), but did he have to die in such a violent way? Will they find out that it was one of them that did him in? Without a Trace - Is Jack leaving? He was told to clear his desk. Somehow, I don't think so...I hope not.

Okay, so, thanks to all the cliffhangers, I have to spend the whole summer waiting to see what happens! Out of curiosity, I just want to see one episode of the new 90210, just to see what's up. I never really got into the old one, though. So, with that being said shows I can't wait to see in the fall:

Cold Case; CSI: Miami; Heroes (I'm addicted to this show, too...the season finale was way earlier, though); Law & Order: SVU; Criminal Minds; CSI: New York; Law & Order; Law & Order: Criminal Intent; Ugly Betty; CSI; Without a Trace; The Game (I used to watch this, but, unfortunately, it came on at the same time as Heroes on Monday, then Cold Case on Sunday...I hear it's moving to Fridays, which is perfect)...I'm going to be watching and waiting anxiously for season premieres.


Twenty Questions: Part 2

This is a continuation of Tuesday’s post.

11. Why is it considered "cute" when a toddler exhibits some sort of delinquent behavior, but it's considered bad/horrible/shocking when that toddler later becomes a teen with delinquent behavior? If parents nip the behavior in the bud when their child's a toddler, there's a possibility that he/she won't be a delinquent as a teen (there are exceptions, though).

12. First, this 7 year-old takes his grandmother's car joyriding because he says, "I wanted to do it because it's fun. It's fun to do bad things…I wanted to do hood-rat stuff for my friend." Then, when his grandmother refuses to buy him something at the store, he starts beating her. Now, they want to take him for a mental health evaluation? Why didn't they do that in the first place? Article at

13. Why has it taken America's Next Top Model 10 seasons to finally choose a full figured model? Curvy chicks are beautiful, too.

14. Is America so "image" obsessed that women with nice bodies, but no talent are chosen over women who may not have the "perfect" body, but has loads of talent? (Yes).

15. Let's see: Obama/Clinton ticket, Obama/Richardson ticket, or Obama/Edwards ticket, or neither…which would you choose?

16. Are all of these celebs having babies because it's the "in" thing to do, or are they really interested in being a mommy? I pray that these ladies are really doing it because they want to have babies and not because they want better publicity.

17. What's up with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? Is it for real or for publicity? Am I the only one who think they're mismatched? If they really love each other, I pray they have a long, happy marriage.

18. Why is it so horrible for me to be 31 (32 in 4 months), unmarried, and childless? Why is it so bad for me to want to concentrate on getting my doctorate before I have a family to take care of? There's nothing wrong with me…I just choose to hold off on the marriage and family. I'm happy, that's what matters. I don't mind, so why should anyone else?

19. Has anyone else noticed the rash of natural disasters that have plagued the world in this decade alone?

20. I wonder how the college students really feel with a 10 year-old as their "peer". Do they think it's cool or are they jealous? Do they invite him to study groups? What is going through their minds? He may actually be smarter than them! And how is he just an "average kid"? He's 10…in college…and actually succeeding. Call it like it is…he's a genius. Article at;_ylt=AjT5jrKoBT07CwB3TQ1n8oUDW7oF


Twenty Questions: Part 1

Okay. Let’s play 20 questions…well, except I’m the one asking. These questions are ones that run through my head every once in a while – especially when I watch the news or see something in my everyday life. We may never have the answers, or, if you know the answers, please inform me. I’m posting 10 today and 10 Thursday. They are not in any order…they’re all important to me.

1. What is it about rainy/stormy weather that causes people to drive like they don’t have a lick of sense? You just can’t cut in front people, especially not without warning. Hello! It’s raining and the ground is wet. That’s an accident waiting to happen!

2. Why can’t the presidential candidates focus on the issues instead of tearing each other down? Last I checked, having the ability to win a verbal fight does not mean you have the ability to run this country. Maybe it’s just me…

3. Why does this election have to be about race? Okay, so there’s a black man running for the presidency…and he actually has a good chance at winning. Let’s get over the fact that he’s black and the other candidates are white and focus on the issues!

4. Do elected officials/celebs/police officers feel as though they can do whatever they want? Do they think that they won’t have any consequences…or do they feel like they won’t get caught? I know they’re only human, and we all make mistakes, but it’s the cockiness of some of them that gets me…like just because they’re in authority, they’re above the law. If us “normal” folk were to commit some of the same crimes they’ve committed, the book would be thrown at us.

5. Last year’s highest paid celebs (according to Oprah – $1.5 billion; Tiger Woods – more than $600 million; Madonna – $194 million; Rolling Stones – $139 million, but the national average for new teacher pay is $32,488. Why? I’m not knocking celebs, believe me, I love movies, music, sports, etc. It’s just that the ones who have the more important jobs are scarcely paid while we’re willing to make others rich. If we pay entertainers more than we pay those who are in charge of making this country smart, what does that say about this country?

6. Tell me, what is it about the ghetto life that is so attractive to suburban, or even rich, kids? Do they not know that the ones who actually have to live the hard life dream of one day escaping?

7. Why do parents allow their children to listen to certain types of music or watch certain TV shows/movies that are inappropriate for kids without discussing said music/TV shows/movies first? I’ve had to correct kids (I’m talking 4th grade) who didn’t see why it was inappropriate for them to be singing “…lick me like a lollipop” in school.

8. Do these parents really listen to the lyrics…or are they oblivious to what’s being said…or are they singing along with their kids?

9. Why is it called “talking white” when a black person speaks proper English?
Why in the h**l are gas prices so high?!!! Oh how I long for the days when it only cost $10 to fill up my car (1999 – when I first bought my Mustang). Now, it’s $40…and rising.


Let The Games Begin

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to. I've just been sooo busy - mainly with work, school, and writing.

Work: Okay, so I figured, since I'm almost finished with school, I could go on and go back to full time teaching for '08/'09 school year. My preference is 5th - 8th grade (more like 7th or 8th grade). Call me crazy, but I happen to love this age group. So, anyway, I attended a job fair in hopes of prevailing over hundreds of other qualified candidates and snagging a job. In my mind, despite the fact that I only have 1 year of full time teaching experience, I still have experience working with and teaching children. I've been substitute teaching for the past 5 years and, before that, spent 2 years as an Educational Coordinator (directing an after-school/summer program). Add those experiences and the fact that I'm about to get my doctorate in education and I thought I'd have a chance. Things went well. I did get to interview with a few people, which, not everybody got to do. So, I'm happy about that. I even went through 2 interviews for one school (the team leader interviewed, then sent me to the principal, which is a good thing). The only problem? It seems that the fact that I only have 1 year of full time teaching is what's causing people to hesitate to hire me. I'd have more teaching years, but I decided to go back to school and get my Masters and, now, my doctorate. I'm thinking, how will I ever get more experience with full time teaching if no one will hire me? *Sigh* Alas, I don't know if I'll be full timing it next year. At first, this fact hurt, because I miss the classroom. But, then, I thought about it. My sis and I had started our own business, AYM (Advancing Young Minds) Enrichment Program, where we tutor as well as other things. Within the last 2 years, we've both been working it as an a second job (she's been doing it in Mexico). If I'm not full time teaching next year (*sigh*), then I'm going to keep subbing (so I can have $) and completely focus on taking AYM to the next level...making it my primary job. The more I think about it, the more I like this idea. I can make my own hours and be my own boss. During the weekdays (school year), my hours won't really start until after 3:00 because kids don't start getting out until 2:30. This will also give me more time for my writing career and research. At first, not teaching felt like I would've went to school for my two extra degrees for nothing, but I know that, with AYM, both my Masters (in Counseling) and EdD (in teacher leadership) will come in handy. So, alas, I am no longer upset at the possibility of not teaching full time. Of course, I'll continue to be financially strapped for a while longer (you think teachers don't make enough $...try substitute teaching), but, it'll all pay off when AYM becomes a full fledged business.

School: So, I won't be graduating this October. Not that I couldn't. I still believe that, if I'd put my mind to it, I could've been finished by then. I made the decision on concentrating on graduating in February 2009 instead. My brain is already fried and tired of school. Trying to graduate in October would only stress myself out. I want to take it easy and work at a little slower pace, so...I'm graduating in Feb. It's only 4 months longer. I'll get over it. I'm glad I made the decision because now, I don't feel rushed. I still feel the stress, but it's not as bad. I'm so excited that I have less than a year before I'll be Dr. Raenice Weakly. If I don't full time teach, I still have options of what I can do with my degree. Research is the main thing...and my topics of choice are #1) reading motivation and #2) hip hop and education.

Writing: So, I've completed the manuscript, written the query letter, and braved the synopsis. I am now on the part where I send my letters to agents. I've sent letters to approximately 17 agents (so far). I've gotten back 7 rejections (nice ones, though). I'm not discouraged about the rejections (at least not yet). I'm actually excited because it kind of cements the fact that I'm doing this...I'm going for my dream. Plus, at least the agents spent time to send a letter - whether it was a form letter or a little more personal - since they're so busy. So, as I wait for the agent to contact me and tell me she (or he) loved my letter/manuscript as much as I do (if not more), I'm concentrating on my dissertation and, eventually, my second novel, Who's Got Da Moves. Believe me, when I've snagged an agent, everyone will know!