Season Finales

Okay, I'm not sure about y'all, but I've been glued to the TV for the last 2 weeks (between 7 and 10). Why, you ask? Why, season finales, of course! I sat and watched the finales of shows that I'd faithfully watched all season. For practically the whole season - had a little break during writers' strike - I had shows from Sunday to Thursday. I'm still addicted to Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, but they come on at the same time as two of my other shows. Anyway, here was my schedule:

Sunday: Cold Case - I missed the season finale, but I love this show!

Monday: CSI: Miami - OMG! The finale left me hanging (which is just what finales are supposed to do). Who shot Horatio? I know Horatio isn't going to die because he's, like, the main character, but, they left us thinking that there was a possibility! And, WHO SHOT HIM (did I ask that already)? Or who had something to do with it?

Tuesday: Law & Order: SVU - Another OMG! I know from online news that 2 characters are leaving, but that didn't stop my heart from breaking when I saw the finale. It won't be the same without ADA Casey Novak or Chester Lake (well, more Novak 'cause she's been on longer).

Wednesday: Criminal Minds - Okay, I know I'm repeating, but, OMG! Who's truck was blown up? I can't even find out if anyone's leaving the show. It doesn't say anywhere that anyone's leaving. I think it's JJ who'll be injured. *sigh* I have to wait the WHOLE summer to find out. Ouch! CSI: New York - didn't really have a lot of...umph, but I loved it anyway. Part of me wanted to believe that the suspect was telling the truth, but I figured he wasn't. Still, they left me with a cliffhanger (another one). What's going to happen to Mac?

Thursday: Ugly Betty - OMG, another cliffhanger. Who will she choose: Henry or Gio (truthfully, I want her to choose Gio), is Daniel really leaving Mode, will Wilhemina really get her way? I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this show and I absolutely LOVE America Ferrera! CSI - I knew that Gary Dourdan was leaving (heart broken), but did he have to die in such a violent way? Will they find out that it was one of them that did him in? Without a Trace - Is Jack leaving? He was told to clear his desk. Somehow, I don't think so...I hope not.

Okay, so, thanks to all the cliffhangers, I have to spend the whole summer waiting to see what happens! Out of curiosity, I just want to see one episode of the new 90210, just to see what's up. I never really got into the old one, though. So, with that being said shows I can't wait to see in the fall:

Cold Case; CSI: Miami; Heroes (I'm addicted to this show, too...the season finale was way earlier, though); Law & Order: SVU; Criminal Minds; CSI: New York; Law & Order; Law & Order: Criminal Intent; Ugly Betty; CSI; Without a Trace; The Game (I used to watch this, but, unfortunately, it came on at the same time as Heroes on Monday, then Cold Case on Sunday...I hear it's moving to Fridays, which is perfect)...I'm going to be watching and waiting anxiously for season premieres.