Twenty Questions: Part 1

Okay. Let’s play 20 questions…well, except I’m the one asking. These questions are ones that run through my head every once in a while – especially when I watch the news or see something in my everyday life. We may never have the answers, or, if you know the answers, please inform me. I’m posting 10 today and 10 Thursday. They are not in any order…they’re all important to me.

1. What is it about rainy/stormy weather that causes people to drive like they don’t have a lick of sense? You just can’t cut in front people, especially not without warning. Hello! It’s raining and the ground is wet. That’s an accident waiting to happen!

2. Why can’t the presidential candidates focus on the issues instead of tearing each other down? Last I checked, having the ability to win a verbal fight does not mean you have the ability to run this country. Maybe it’s just me…

3. Why does this election have to be about race? Okay, so there’s a black man running for the presidency…and he actually has a good chance at winning. Let’s get over the fact that he’s black and the other candidates are white and focus on the issues!

4. Do elected officials/celebs/police officers feel as though they can do whatever they want? Do they think that they won’t have any consequences…or do they feel like they won’t get caught? I know they’re only human, and we all make mistakes, but it’s the cockiness of some of them that gets me…like just because they’re in authority, they’re above the law. If us “normal” folk were to commit some of the same crimes they’ve committed, the book would be thrown at us.

5. Last year’s highest paid celebs (according to Oprah – $1.5 billion; Tiger Woods – more than $600 million; Madonna – $194 million; Rolling Stones – $139 million, but the national average for new teacher pay is $32,488. Why? I’m not knocking celebs, believe me, I love movies, music, sports, etc. It’s just that the ones who have the more important jobs are scarcely paid while we’re willing to make others rich. If we pay entertainers more than we pay those who are in charge of making this country smart, what does that say about this country?

6. Tell me, what is it about the ghetto life that is so attractive to suburban, or even rich, kids? Do they not know that the ones who actually have to live the hard life dream of one day escaping?

7. Why do parents allow their children to listen to certain types of music or watch certain TV shows/movies that are inappropriate for kids without discussing said music/TV shows/movies first? I’ve had to correct kids (I’m talking 4th grade) who didn’t see why it was inappropriate for them to be singing “…lick me like a lollipop” in school.

8. Do these parents really listen to the lyrics…or are they oblivious to what’s being said…or are they singing along with their kids?

9. Why is it called “talking white” when a black person speaks proper English?
Why in the h**l are gas prices so high?!!! Oh how I long for the days when it only cost $10 to fill up my car (1999 – when I first bought my Mustang). Now, it’s $40…and rising.