Twenty Questions: Part 2

This is a continuation of Tuesday’s post.

11. Why is it considered "cute" when a toddler exhibits some sort of delinquent behavior, but it's considered bad/horrible/shocking when that toddler later becomes a teen with delinquent behavior? If parents nip the behavior in the bud when their child's a toddler, there's a possibility that he/she won't be a delinquent as a teen (there are exceptions, though).

12. First, this 7 year-old takes his grandmother's car joyriding because he says, "I wanted to do it because it's fun. It's fun to do bad things…I wanted to do hood-rat stuff for my friend." Then, when his grandmother refuses to buy him something at the store, he starts beating her. Now, they want to take him for a mental health evaluation? Why didn't they do that in the first place? Article at

13. Why has it taken America's Next Top Model 10 seasons to finally choose a full figured model? Curvy chicks are beautiful, too.

14. Is America so "image" obsessed that women with nice bodies, but no talent are chosen over women who may not have the "perfect" body, but has loads of talent? (Yes).

15. Let's see: Obama/Clinton ticket, Obama/Richardson ticket, or Obama/Edwards ticket, or neither…which would you choose?

16. Are all of these celebs having babies because it's the "in" thing to do, or are they really interested in being a mommy? I pray that these ladies are really doing it because they want to have babies and not because they want better publicity.

17. What's up with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? Is it for real or for publicity? Am I the only one who think they're mismatched? If they really love each other, I pray they have a long, happy marriage.

18. Why is it so horrible for me to be 31 (32 in 4 months), unmarried, and childless? Why is it so bad for me to want to concentrate on getting my doctorate before I have a family to take care of? There's nothing wrong with me…I just choose to hold off on the marriage and family. I'm happy, that's what matters. I don't mind, so why should anyone else?

19. Has anyone else noticed the rash of natural disasters that have plagued the world in this decade alone?

20. I wonder how the college students really feel with a 10 year-old as their "peer". Do they think it's cool or are they jealous? Do they invite him to study groups? What is going through their minds? He may actually be smarter than them! And how is he just an "average kid"? He's 10…in college…and actually succeeding. Call it like it is…he's a genius. Article at;_ylt=AjT5jrKoBT07CwB3TQ1n8oUDW7oF



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I feel you on the little kid in Florida. I was like 'where are this kid's parents"?

I can't answer all 20 questions... but will ponder a few of them, while driving to work!

I love your layout. Can you put me in touch with your designer? I need to spruce up mine...