Man-ificent Monday: LL Cool J

This week's cutie is none other than James Todd Smith, aka LL Cool J, who came on the hip hop scene in the 80s. I Can't Live Without My Radio, I Need Love, Going Back to Cali, Hey Lover, and Doin It are just a few of his numerous hits. Now, you can see LL every Tuesday evening on CBS's show, NCIS: Los Angeles, one of my fave shows (not cos LL's on it...honest). LL is known for his physique, but I'd say his trademark is also the licking of his beautiful lips. Other celebs have tried to look sexy licking their lips, but they can never touch LL's sexiness! And doesn't he have a gorgeous smile? I love a man with dimples. *swoon* Yes. Ladies really do love Cool J!

Word(s) to Describe: Sexy; Oh La La; YUM!



Karen Strong said...

Wow. This lady definitely still loves Cool J for sure. :)

Rae said...

Haha! Me too!