Rae's Random Thoughts: Part 1

Every week, my mind is flooded with all types of thoughts, questions, and "what ifs" about the happenings around the world. This week was no exception. So many topics - so many thoughts. See, that's why I love journaling/blogging. Instead of having these thoughts take residence in my brain, causing major overcrowding issues, I write/blog to get them out. Gotta make room for new thoughts, right? But I digress. This blog will be broken into 2 parts (I've had just that many thoughts). So, on to the thoughts that have cluttered my mind this week.

1. The Sarah Palin Phenomena: I don't know if it was a good or bad move on McCain's side to choose Mrs. Palin as his running mate. I guess both. Good because now that he has a female running mate, there will be women who'd vote for him simply to see a woman in office - and, really, what does that say about America...that people would vote for candidates just because they're a woman or black or because their fave celebs told them to? I've got my own mind and don't need anyone else telling me who to vote for. And I want a candidate I feel will pull America out of the hole that the current pres has put her into, so, although I'm glad to be living to see the day a minority gets in the White House, that's not my main focus. Anyway, the Palin choice could be bad for McCain because a) she's being investigated, and b) after putting his two cents in about Obama's lack of experience (And, really. Do any of the candidates have presidential experience?), McCain's gone on to select someone with less than Obama. Although I already know who I'm voting for, I'll be tuning into the debates. After all, America has more issues to deal with than just the war that shouldn't have been (understand that I support the troops - the men and women fighting and dying...I appreciate and admire them - I just don't support the war).

2. Promise Ring Debate: So, I missed the MTV Video Music Awards, but came across this article, about promise rings. The Jonas Brothers wear these rings as a reminder of their vow to remain virgins til marraige. It seems the VMA host made a joke about them and Jordin Sparks proudly flashed her ring (along with some choice words). I didn't even know there was a debate going on about whether or not teens should do the "purity" ring thing. I do agree that sex education should include more than just "abstinence only". I've worked with kids for a long time. There are a lot of kids who, if told not to do something by an adult, they'd go on to do it anyway. Sex is no different. If we only told the kids to abstain from sex, sure you'd have those who'd follow that, but, there are others who'd go on to have sex anyway. So, sex education should not only include abstinence, but also topics like STDs, protection, pregnancy...everything that comes along with the decision to have sex. Really, I think parents should start talking to their kids before the schools start. My parents talked to us about it...both the biblical aspect (abstinence til marraige) and the "if you decided to have sex" aspect (protection, pregnancy, etc). I'm grateful to my parents for keeping it real with us. As far as the rings are concerned, my question is: What's wrong with teens choosing to wear rings as a symbol of their decision to abstain? I admire the Jonas Brothers (and any other teen for that matter) for publically saying that they're planning to remain virgins 'til marraige. While it's probably true that some of the kids who make that pledge won't keep it (we all make mistakes), I know for a fact that others do. Need proof? I made a promise to God and myself - when I was 15 years old that I would remain a virgin 'til my wedding night. I didn't get to do the ring thing, but it was a private conversation between me and God. I'm now 31 (about to be 32 in 2 weeks) and have managed to keep that vow. Is it easy? No, especially when you're surrounded by sex (TV, movies, commericals, celebs, etc). But, I made a promise - a vow - to God and, with His help, I plan to continue to keep it (even if I end up becoming the "40-year old virgin", lol).

Stay tuned for part 2 (coming later this afternoon)....