Random Thoughts Thursday

I feel like ranting today. I'm clearly holding my tongue in check because I never know who's reading my blogs (like kids). Both situations piss me off, though, which is saying something, because it's hard to piss me off.

Power Trips. So, I heard about news story about Ryan Moats getting a ticket while his mother-in-law lay in the hospital dying. I also saw the video. Now, whether or not the cop was being racist, I don't know. What I do know, from watching the video, is that he had a major "God" complex. He wanted to assert his authority, let them know that he was in charge, etc. At least that's how he came off in the video. "Shut your mouth." "I can just take you to jail for running a red light." "I can tow your truck." "I can make your night very difficult." This man was on a power trip. The officer was told several times that Moats' mother-in-law was dying as they spoke. He continued on his power trip. Even when Moats calmed down and said, "Yes sir," all throughout his lecture, the man kept yapping on. Ryan kept saying, "Write me the ticket" and "My mom is dying as we speak, man" but the officer kept at it. At what point could the officer have realized, "Hey, they pulled up to a hospital. Maybe he's telling the truth"? Even when 2 nurses (at different times) came out to tell him that Moats' mom-in-law was dying (the nurse even said 'code blue, we need him up there') the officer wouldn't let him go.

After all was said and done, he finally let him go (after more than 10 minutes for a d**n routine traffic stop), but Moats got up there too late. She had already died. Thankfully, Moats' wife went on into the hospital - ignoring the officer's orders to stop - and was able to see her mom before she died. Ryan Moats will not get time back to spend with his mother-in-law during her last moments. Why? All because a young officer (it is said he hasn't been on the force long) wanted to show everybody, "Hey, look at me...I'm in charge, now." And he had the nerve to tell Moats before he let him go (I'm paraphrasing), "If you'd calmed down and told me this in the first place, I probably would've let you go." Really? Cause, if my ears heard correctly, when he first pulled them over, both Moats and his wife said, "MY MOTHER IS DYING RIGHT NOW." Sounds like they told him, but he didn't let them go. Power Trip!

Powerful Words. I wonder if people - especially adults - realize how powerful words really are. Seriously. I'm not sure that we do...or we realize it and don't care). I know action speaks louder than words, but sometimes words hold more power. If you're constantly saying, I'm stupid, I'm dumb or something like that, what's going to happen? You'll start believing it (no matter what others may say) and acting like what you've been telling yourself you are.

It annoys the hell out of me when I hear of adults speaking negativity in kids' lives. How can a person, as a parent, look at their child and call them dumb or stupid? I'm so sick of adults going on and on about how bad kids are and how they'll never amount to anything. Have you ever thought about the fact that some kids act the way they do because they've been told all their lives that they're bad? It's so true. It's not always the kids' fault. I've worked with kids, smart kids, who have no self esteem because they have parents yapping in their ear about how dumb they are. Some teachers are guilty of this, too. I remember a teacher telling my students, "You're all a bunch of hoodlums." Anger...that's what I felt. Not at the students, but at the teacher. I had to pray before I speak. I refuse to call kids 'bad'. Ask anyone that knows me. I won't do it. I had a rough 2nd grade class my 1st year of teaching, but, to this day, I won't call them bad. It literally hurts me when I hear of children being subject to verbal abuse (or any type of abuse for that matter). WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR CHILDREN!!! If you are a child reading this, know that you are not stupid, nor are you dumb. You will amount to something and no, you are not bad. You were created by God in His image (and God isn't dumb, stupid, ugly, bad, etc). You are special to Him, no matter what ANYONE says.

Verbal abuse. That's what it is, when you're constantly degrading someone with your words. Being an adult does NOT give you the right to degrade a child. Pick on someone your own size (but I sure you won't because you're too much of a coward to)! I ask you...I implore you: please watch what you say to people...especially to children and teens. Get a clue, people: WORDS ARE POWERFUL...especially to kids.