Inspirational Sunday

"I don't wanna box you in. You've been doing big things since the world began. Sometimes I just don't understand that you're big enough, but you're big enough, Jesus."
Ayiesha Woods

Rae's Thought: This week's inspiration comes from one of my favorite contemporary Christian songs, Big Enough by Ayiesha Woods.

Do you realize that it is impossible for us to truly understand the total Being that is God? Our small minds wouldn't be able to fully grasp just how big and awesome He really is. Our heads would probably explode if we tried to figure God out. It just can't happen. And you know what? I'm glad it can't. I'm convinced that when we try to grasp the total vastness of God, we end up putting Him in this neat little box in our minds, which puts a limit on Him and what He can do. I don't know about the god you serve, but my God is limitless; He's never ending. Like Ms. Woods said, I don't want to box God in.

Since we can't really grasp how big God really is, let's just imagine. He is the creator of all that was and is in existence: the heavens, our solar system, galaxies beyond ours, etc. What does this mean? It means that God is pretty big...huge...ginormous...bigger than we could ever imagine. And, truthfully, that's all I need to know.

This, my friends, gives me comfort. The problems I face, the trials I go through, the obstacles I come up against always seem big to me. The thing is, when I put them up against my Almighty Father...well, they seem like little ants next to Him. Even Satan is minuscule compared to God. This changes my perspective on situations that normally would cause me to worry and be afraid. Hello! I serve a God whose greatness can NOT be measured by human means. There is no person bigger than the God I serve. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING greater than Him. Nothing! When I think of it this way, life - and all the problems that come with it - doesn't seem so bad.



Chick Lit Gurrl said...

Great post, and I'm with you. I'm happy I don't have to understand it all, I'm happy I have a Father who knows it all and only wants what's best for me. Makes me that much more energetic to do whatever I can to give myself to him and help others to get to know him, too.

Rae said...

Thanks, Shon! And I agree with you. Knowing this takes away that barrier called fear and helps me get to doing what God has called me to do.