Random Thoughts Thursday

School. If you've visited my blog a few times, you'd probably notice that I am in school for my Doctor of Education (EdD). I was hoping to become Dr. Weakly by next year. Unfortunately, because of financial issues, I'm having to withdraw from school. The bad news is, this will delay me in getting my doctorate degree. I SO want this to be done and over with. The good news is, if I can come back within a year, I won't have to start all over. I can start where I left off. This is AWESOME news to me because, if I had to start over, I don't think I'd be able to do it. I mean, 3-4 more years of school? No thanks!

As I've said before, I've been in school since I was 2 years old (got in preschool early cos I knew how to count, say my abc's, was potty trained, etc). I took a 2 year break between Bachelors & Masters and another 2 year break between Masters & Doctorate. This means I've been in school for 27 years! When I tell you I'm just about sick of school... But, I get to take a short break then come back to finish this thing. Of course, I'd rather be done in 2010, but, it can't be helped...unless God performs a miracle (which I know He can). So, instead of becoming Dr. Weakly in 2010, I'll be Dr. Weakly in 2011, God-willing. I'm ok with this.

ABDC. Finally, I agree with the judges decision! I'm glad Rhythm City didn't go home. They're one of the best groups. I'm still waiting on the groups to bring it, though. This season is missing the...umph, that other seasons had. My favorite groups? Rhythm City and We Are Heroes.



Karen Strong said...

Sorry to hear that you have to delay getting your PhD. At least you won't have to start over, and you never know -- miracles sometimes do happen!

You know I have never seen ABDC. I always keep forgetting when it comes on!

Rae said...

Hey Karen,

ABDC comes on Sundays @ 8:00 here in Houston (central time). And you're right, miracles do happen.