Random Thoughts

Ok, so I agree that the whole Lebron-a-thon deal was a bit much - it was as if we were waiting for the president to make an announcement - but I'm in awe of all the "hater-aid" these people are dishing out to Lebron James. I!

First of all, people are making a big deal out of ESPN's coverage. I mean, HELLO! They could've chosen not to watch it. I'm assuming, since they were whining about the coverage and how egotistical LJ is, they did watch it. It was their choice. When it got to be too much for them, they could've...oh, I don't know...changed the channel. But, they didn't. And now they choose to berate LJ and ESPN for it?

And the Cav fans...whoa, boy those Cav fans. I'm confused. Maybe someone could help me out. When did doing what's best for you become a bad thing? Huh? When did Cleveland, Ohio become...entitled to all that is King James? One of the fans interviewed said he hopes LJ doesn't get a ring in Miami and comes back to Cleveland to win one. Um, if I'm not mistaken, he was in Cleveland for 7 years and the treasured ring eluded him. So, he chooses to go where there's an even better chance of getting that ring, and he's "cowardly"? I mean, really, people? REALLY?

#1, this is the NBA. Players switch teams, teams trade players. IT HAPPENS. I guarantee you, if he'd have stayed, and the Cavs used up all of his talents and he couldn't do on the court what he's doing now, they would've traded him without a second thought. He would've been gone...outta there...buh bye King James. I guess the fans would've burned his jerseys and called him "disloyal" or "traitor" then, right? smh I wonder how many of those fans are divorced (meaning they left a marriage because it wasn't working out) or went to another job (meaning they left their previous job because it wasn't working out), or bought a new car (because...yep, you guessed wasn't working out). #2, I can't even fathom an owner spewing such words of hate about the same man he was just courting - and probably begging - a few days ago. Read Dan Gilbert's reaction to LJ's decision to leave here. And the fact that he personally guarantees the Cavs will win a championship ring before LJ does astounds me. Do they have another player on the same level - or higher - as LJ? Will he have something better than James, Wade, and Bosh together? They may win a championship in the future, but before Lebron James wins a ring? I don't think so. But I guess miracles happen, right?

There's a saying I like to use for certain circumstances, and I think this circumstance is perfect: build a bridge and GET OVER IT! I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but come on! It's okay to be hurt and upset at LJ's decision, but it's NOT okay to take it to the level these people have taken it. He's on a quest for a championship ring. Players move all the time to the team they think will help them get that ring. Why isn't it okay for LJ to do it?

I hope he does get his ring. In fact, I hope he gets several rings. Maybe that'll shut the haters up. Then again, maybe not. Haters never quit. That's ok. If Lebron James is anything like me, he'll use the haters as motivation. He'll work even harder to prove them wrong. Go for it, King James. Your real fans are behind you.