Random Thoughts

Earlier this year, God gave me a few assignments and, sadly, I haven't completed the assignments. I don't want this year to end with my being disobedient, so I have to re-prioritize and get things in order. After prayer and deliberation, I've decided to give up the 4 things that keeps me from focusing on those assignments: Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and Pepsi.

All 4 will be a challenge. I can't say which will be more of a challenge cos they're all things I'm addicted to. BUT, I need to refocus, and the only way to do that is to fast from the things that take my focus away. I'm praying that, by the time I'm done, I'll have my priorities straight. It's funny: now that my followers list is (slowly, but surely) growing, I have to take a blogging break. This break is important, tho, so I'm not worried.

God bless y'all and see you in 2 weeks!