Inspirational Sunday

Have you ever wondered if you were making any headway in your obedience to God? He'd given you a task, you obediently took it (although it seemed so daunting) and now, it just doesn't seem like anything's happening. You'd asked God for a sign to let you know you were doing something right, but it doesn't seem like He hears you.

Yeah. I've felt that way...many times. I've felt that way just this past trimester. I knew God had sent me here to Abu Dhabi. I knew - for reasons only He knows - He put me in this specific class to teach these specific 3/4 year olds English, despite the fact that I haven't worked with kids that small in a classroom setting (I tend to avoid preschool aged kids). I must admit. I didn't want to. I prayed so hard for Him to put me with the older kids (a prayer I'm now glad He said no to). There were times when I struggled. Especially the times when I was left alone with 25+ preschoolers who didn't understand a word I was saying and who looked at me like I was an alien (which, I may as well have been since I was speaking an "alien" language). At the beginning, most were shy towards me and hardly ever talked. It was hard. And draining. And I wondered if I should give up and go home. I mean, I tried, right? But something within me - the Holy Spirit - kept me going. I kept asking God if I was doing it right. Was I reaching the kids? Did they feel His love through me?

I got my answer after our three-week break. When my kids saw me, they swarmed me with hugs as if - dare I say it - they missed me. They called out my name, snuggled their chubby faces in my neck, and grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. At the end of the day, they eagerly waved bye to me, calling out my name from across the room (repeatedly, if I didn't answer right away), just to get my attention. This, my friends, is now an everyday occurrence. Even my shyest little angels make an effort to show me love. And OMG, their hugs! Man, but they make day! They spread their arms as wide as they could & squeeze. They race to see who would grab my hand first, like they want the privilege of holding Ms. Raenice's hand. I even got a sweet kiss on the cheek. One of my students, who never went for hugs last trimester, can't seem to get enough this trimester. He smiles at me everyday and sometimes, he's one of the first ones to grab my hand. And I just LOVE when they are so excited about showing me their work. "Ms. Raenice, shoofi!" Ahh, the joys of teaching.

I asked and God answered. Yes, they can feel His love shining brightly through me. Yes, I'm doing something right...reaching the children, despite the language barrier. Yes, I'm making some headway in this journey. They know Ms. Raenice is not like other people they've met, and I'd like to think it's cos of God's love. His love is what's drawing them to me. It's funny cos I've asked God to let His light shine through me so bright, that it draws His babies to me...and that's exactly what He's doing. God has given me the tools I need to succeed, even when it looks like I wouldn't. He's right here with me.

This trimester, I have a second class to teach. I still have my original babies, but now, I have double the chance to spread His love. I feel like I'm starting all over with these students. Some of them are shy and trying to feel me out. And yes, it's draining. But I believe just as God has used me to make an impact on my first group of babies, He will do the same with my second group. It's funny watching my first group look at kids in my second group with that "Who are you and what are you doing with my Ms. Raenice" look. And my second group looks at me like, "Who is this woman and why are they so into her." These kids have truly stolen my heart.

If you've been obedient to God, and it doesn't seem like you're going anywhere, I've got to tell you...KEEP GOING. You're obedience alone is moving you forward. If you give up, you'll miss the treasure God has in store for you. If you give up, you'll never see God's mighty power work through you. If you give up, you'll never be able to do some awesome things through God who gives you strength. His children has been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, who's with us, leading and guiding us. When we need that push, the Holy Spirit will whisper, "Keep going." And every so often, God may send you a little...sign to let you know that, yes, you are doing something right. There is nothing like walking in His will for you. It's an amazing thing!