Tickle-Me Tuesday

So a few weeks ago, I took horseback riding lessons for the first time. I loved it so much, I plan to continue when I get back from vacation. Anyway, because I'm vertically challenged - aka short - I had to use a chair to get on the horse. On the first day of lessons, I got on with no problems. I figured the second day would be the same. Mafi mushkela ("No problem" in Arabic), right? WRONG.

The chair we used was a cheap, plastic chair. Genius that I am, I stood in the middle of the chair instead of the sides, like smart, normal people would've done. I hopped once, twice...then the 3rd time, BAM! My foot went thru the chair and I nearly busted my butt. Embarrassing to say the least. The nasty bruise I got is just now going away. It was all in fun, tho. My friend caught it on video. I know, lucky me right?

Enjoy laughing at my expense. It was quite hilarious, I must admit.