Random Thoughts Thursday

Ugly Betty. OK, I'm kinda over the demise of one of my fave shows, Ugly Betty...kinda. It was weird not watching it this past Wednesday. I liked how it ended, tho. Glad they left it with the possibility of a Daniel/Betty relationship and didn't just throw them together. At the end, the title, Ugly Betty, came up, then Ugly faded away which just left Betty. Could it be? A new show called Betty coming out in the future??? Am I the only one who noticed that? I get the whole "Betty isn't ugly anymore so she's no longer Ugly Betty, she's just Betty" deal. I guess it's just wishful thinking. And what's this I hear about a possible movie? It's only a rumor, but I would definitely be in the theater opening night if they decided to go with it. I'm SO gonna miss this show. *sigh*

Writing/Business. So, I haven't had the chance to really write much of anything these past few weeks. My family and I are starting a family business and the time has been spent mostly on researching and getting things ready for our business plan. I'm SO excited about this business. It's an awesome idea that God put on our hearts. When - not if, but when - Weakly Family Ministries officially opens, I just know it'll be a blessing. There's no doubt in my mind that it will be...we're in the will of God with this thing. Here's to making a huge impact on the kingdom of God.

It's time to get back to writing, tho. I miss it. I find that, if I go days, or weeks, without writing, my world isn't right. I have to write, whether I'm writing fiction, letters, or just journaling, I MUST write. Now that things are kind of settled with the business - we're waiting for word on our business plan - I can get back to my writing. This means that my novels and blog can once again become a focus. I can finally write/blog consistently. My poor Writing Wednesday story was pushed waaaaay back on the burner. Not sure if anyone was reading it, but no worries to those who were. It'll be back in June with a few changes.

Dancing With The Stars. I wasn't as excited about it as with other seasons, but I love DWTS, so I can't not watch it. I'm so glad Kate is gone. I have nothing against her, but she is not a dancer. Seeing as though this is a dancing show, I'd think only the best would win (but you never know with fans voting). Am I the only one annoyed by Pamela Anderson's 'sex kitten' poses? Who am I voting for? Hmmm. Nicole or Neicy.

And am I the only one who thinks Erin's dance partner, Max is a cutie?