Random Thoughts

Hate. So, on Facebook, there's a group praying for President Obama's demise. I won't put the name or link cos I don't want to give them the satisfaction of having others join. What I want to know is, why all the hate? I can't believe people, who say they believe in God, would spread such awful malice. They can't be serving the Ultimate God...or they refuse to see that He's not happy with this type of behavior. Even Jesus, who was wrongfully accused and sentenced to a death He didn't deserve wasn't so hateful. He had a chance to seek revenge on those who hated Him, but He didn't do it. And before you say because He was God's Son, think about the fact that He was human, too.

Let me tell you, I didn't agree with some of the things President Bush did, but I would've NEVER wished anything like death - or any type of harm - on him. What kind of message are these people sending to lost souls who may be on the fence about whether or not they should join the family of God? I mean, really, people? REALLY? It's okay to disagree with what our president does and the choices he makes, but it's not okay to spread hate. I'm just shocked at how some people are handling this president's election...well, maybe not shocked. I kinda figured people would act like they didn't have any sense, but still. Here's a something to think about: he's president, whether you like it or not. GET OVER IT! Move on with your life. Don't like what he's doing? I've got an idea: run for president yourself! Don't want to? Then stop whining about him being pres. This, this world, doesn't need anymore hate. We've got enough of that, thankyouverymuch. We need people who are going to spread love and do what they can to make positive changes in this world. People like the FB group are really just part of the problem. Ask yourself this: are you part of the problem or are you thinking of a solution?

*Breathe* Now, that I got that off my chest...

Premios Billboard 2010. I can not believe I forgot about this! I was so looking forward to watching the Latin Billboard awards, but I completely got my wires crossed! For whatever reason, I thought it would be next Thursday instead of last night. *sigh* I wonder if they do repeats...

Books. I so can not wait til I'm an author, waiting on the release of my book. One thing I'm definitely planning to do as far as marketing is concerned is get a book trailer made. They're kinda like movie trailers, but of course, they're for books. Just like movie trailers, they get the potential audience excited about the coming attraction. Here's the book trailer for Jessica Brody's, The Karma Club, a book I'm looking forward to reading.