Writing Wednesday: Sharing the Spotlight

August 5

Niki: Why does life hate me so? Why? It's bad enough I still have to share a room with Ren - Mom refuses to give up her 'office'. Now, I have to share senior year with her, too? Don't get me wrong. I love my sister and all, but come on. This was supposed to be MY year, not ours.

And to make matters worse, Mom is making us "chronicle" our senior year in a diary. I mean, really Mom? Diaries are so 20th century. Hello! Anything more than 140 characters is just too long. Do we even use pen and paper anymore?

Life is so unfair! Why did Ren choose to skip a grade? Was she even thinking about my feelings when she made her decision? Apparently not.

Ren: Niki is such a drama queen sometimes. I bet her first diary entry is about how I ruined her life or about how life is so unfair. Look at her with her eyebrows drawn together. I wonder if she knows that frowning can cause wrinkles.

It wasn't even my idea to skip junior year. Mrs. Porter, my guidance counselor, suggested it. It was either skip or attend some outrageously expensive private school for nerds like me. Considering the fact that the private school doesn't have a good volleyball team, I chose to test out of junior year. You'd think my big sis would be happy for me. Guess not.

The more I think about it, the more I get excited. I mean, I'm a senior now. I'll be part of the first graduating class of Kingsley High School. And I'm finally gonna step out of Niki's shadow. No matter what I've done - made straight A's for the 10th year in a row, became the only freshman on Varsity volleyball, etc - I've always been known as Niki's little sister. This year, I'm finally getting my own identity! Yeah. This year is looking so good!