Random Thoughts Thursday

Ok, can I just say that I absolutely LOVE Claudia Mair Burney? I mean, really. I do. She is probably my 2nd fave writer - Maya Angelou being my 1st. I've read 5 of her books and loved them all. She doesn't disappoint. If I see her name on a book, I just know it's gonna be AWESOME! I stayed up late last night finishing Deadly Charm, the 3rd book in the Amanda Bell Brown mystery series. I knew I had to work this morning, but I couldn't put it down. I wanted to know what was gonna happen. I love the character of Belll Brown. She's flawed, but strong. And Jazz...Lord, have mercy! *fans self* I'm so gonna review this book soon.

I can't wait to get her next book, Exosistah: X Returns. I reviewed the 1st book in this series, The Exorsistah, a few months ago. You can find it here. Are y'all looking for a good book to read? Try any of Ms. Burney's books. You won't be disappointed!