Fountain of Many Wishes Casting Call

For the past several days, I took a break from my dissertation so I could work on editing my first novel, Fountain of Many Wishes. Finally, after a rough start at the beginning of this year, I am almost done with the editing. I'd planned to have this books edited and out with publishers/agents by the end of January, but, I got sick and ended up having several relapses. Basically, I was sick for the whole month of January. This put me behind in everything. I've spent the greater part of February catching up, especially with school and my dissertation. Now, I am glad to say, I'm caught up. So, I'm thinking editing will be complete by, say, the end of next week (if not earlier)...which means I can send my baby out by the end of this month/beginning of next month. I can finally move to the next step in becoming a published author. Yay, me!

Anyway, since I'm practically finished revising and editing my first baby, I've decided to make this post about a casting call. I've done this before (like last year) on my myspace blog, but, now that I'm closer to the whole publication process, I'm posting it on here. Who would I cast to be in the movie version of my book? Hmmm...

Fountain of Many Wishes: 14 year-old, Zac Barnes, is tired of the way his life is going. He and his sister don't always get along, his mother is constantly on his back, and, compared to his best friends, Carlos and Bree, he's a loser with a capital L. When Bree gives him a rock from the Fountain of Many Wishes, Zac's luck, and his life, changes for the better. He now has the life he's always dreamed of. Eventually, though, he learns why people say, "Be careful what you wish for."

Zac Barnes: Zac is a class clown who wants to be a pro wrestler. He's contantly in trouble for playing around in school instead of working. Zac feels out of place with his best friends, Bree and Carlos, because of the fact that there's nothing special about him (at least in his mind). He's just a normal 14 year-old boy who loves video games (especially the wresting ones). He's also a typical, annoying little brother to his sis, Faith. I'd cast Devon Werkheiser from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The only difference is Zac has brown eyes.
Bree Taylor, one of Zac's best friends: Bree, the pretty, overachiever of the trio, is well liked by practically everyone, despite her sarcastic nature. She's the 8th grade student council president and the smartest kid in the school. Bree enjoys reading the dictionary to expand her vocab, which comes in handy when she's angry (she spits out big words so fast it'll make your head spin). She can insult you without you even knowing it. She has eyes for Carlos. Fro Bree, I'd cast KeKe Palmer from Akeelah and the Bee and Jump In, etc. She has the same...fiesty-ness that Bree has. I can totally see her playing the part.
Carlos Ramirez, Zac's other best friend: Carlos is the cutie pie athlete who all the girls go crazy over. He's on the 8th grade football team at Brittmore Junior High and has a place waiting for him on the high school team. Carlos is also well liked by everyone. He, like Bree, doesn't let the popularity get to his head. He's the kind who'll talk to anybody, even the ones that others won't talk to. He has a little sneaky side though (which people find it hard to believe). He's a sweetie pie who has eyes for Bree. I'd cast Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.
Faith Barnes, Zac's big sister (by 11 months). Faith is a girlie girl with a slash of rebel. She likes all things girls (her fav color is pink) but has a little edge to her. She's the typical 15 year-old girl who's into fashion and boys. She sometimes takes a know-it-all attitude towards Zac. I'd cast Alexz Johnson (Instant Star, Final Destination 3) for Faith. She even had the red hair/gray eyes deal going like Faith.

Ashton Avery, Zac's crush: Ashton's the head cheerleader for the Brittmore Junior High Tigers. Zac is obsessed with her, although she treats him like dirt. Ashton has a thing for Carlos, who's into Bree. Ashton doesn't have much going for her in the brains department, but she was voted the hottest girl in school (with Bree in a close second). She's a model, the former Miss Preteen Houston and an aspiring actress. I'd cast AnnaSophia Robb (Bridge to Terabithia...) as Ashton.

Rachel Everett: She's one of Ashton's shadows (at the beginning) who's crushing on Zac. Rachel appears throughout the story every once in awhile. Do her and Zac get together? Hmm... Stay tuned. I'd cast Abigail Mavity (Star and Stella Save the World).

Those are the children of FOMW. I won't post pics of the adults (they're not important), but I will post the names:

Vivian Adams, Zac's mom: Elisa Donovan (Clueless)

Zachary Barnes Sr. Zac's dad: William Mapother (The Grudge, Lords of Dogtown)

David Myers, Viv's new man: Pat Mastroianni (Degrassi)
Cosmic Crusher, Zac's fave wrestler: Jonathan Coachman (WWE)

So that's it - my cast of characters.



Emmaaaa said...

thats really cool - i love the cast especially. would love to see it :)