Happy Spring!

Ah! The first day of Spring. The flowers...the sun...the beauty. Spring comes in a close second in the 'Rae's Fave Season' contest. I'm more of a winter chick, but I do love spring. It's absolutely gorgeous here in Houston, Texas. It's perfect. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it's nice and breezy outside. It's not too cold and not too hot. I'm lovin' it! This is a pic of the tree in our front yard. Oh how I'd love to go to Kemah for a day. For those who don't know about Kemah, it's a small town near Galveston, Texas that hosts one of Texas' top attractions: the Kemah Boardwalk. The boardwalk sits right off Galveston Bay and has restaurants and businesses lined along the way. It's gorgeous. Here are a few pics. It's a perfect day for walking along the boardwalk, listening to the music, enjoying the attractions. They have this fun boat ride where you ride along the Bay while the hosts and hostesses dance to fun music. If you sit in the right spot, you're bound to get soaked during the fast turns. I love it, but alas, I must get back to writing and working on my dissertation. *sigh*

In other news, I thought this spring break was going to be filled with me getting far in my dissertation and finishing my novel edits. After all, I wasn't working, right? WRONG! For some reason, my brain has refused to actually think hard this week (I guess it's taking the spring BREAK thing seriously, huh). I've tried everyday this week to sit and work, but my brain would not allow me to. All I've done this week is watch TV, catch up on reading, peruse the 'Net, check email, sleep, chill...nothing but relaxation. Oh the horror! *rolls eyes* I guess I should be thanking my brain for forcing me to relax. I've been known to stress myself out when it comes to work, writing, and school. Stress as in working too hard with no breaks. My body has shut down before (not literally, obviously since I'm still alive). I'd be in bed and my brain would refuse to tell my body to get up. I've also gotten sick before. So, right now, I publically thank my brain for taking care of me...for being smart enough to know when I need to relax...for having my back.

Enjoy your day!