It Is Finished

I have finally completed the edits to my first novel, Fountain of Many Wishes. I sent it to 2 different authors to get it professionally edited. They both made suggestions that I believe were helpful. I have been trying to finish editing since January, but life kept getting in the way (I got sick, had to work, my dissertation, etc). Now, I can say I'm done.

What's next? The synopsis (cue scary music now). I'm not sure what to make of the "dreaded" synopsis. I've heard more negative things about it than positive. Some say writing a synopsis is even harder than writing the actual novel! I guess I'll find out myself. For me, it's all about my thinking. If I go into writing the synopsis dreading it and thinking it's going to be difficult, then it will be. If I go into it thinking I can do it, then, it won't be so hard. After the synopsis, I'm thinking about resending my novel to be professionally edited (want to make sure I send in my best). After that, I'm sending it to publishers and agents in hopes that someone would want to publish it.

So, I'm off to write my synopsis. Next stop: agent representation or publication!