Family Fun @ the Football Game

This past Sunday, my family and I went to the Texans/Bengals game. We had excellent seats, not far from the field. We were able to see everything - even stuff that happened off the field. Great game, great seats, tons of fun. To make it even better, the Texans won. They did good. And guess what I did that I'm still regretting today? FORGOT MY CAMERA! Actually, we all forgot our cameras. ARGH! I couldn't capture how close we were to the field. I couldn't capture the excitement on my nephews' faces. At one point, when they played music, one of my nephews got up and danced. Hil-ar-i-ous! Sadly, I didn't capture that either. :(

I've always loved football. With my dad a former high school star (could've went further but was injured), and my brother a former high school and college star, I guess I had no other choice. In my younger days, though, it was more about the cuties in uniform than the actual game. Now, in my ripened age of 32, I'm a little wiser. I still look at the cuties (hey, I'm a woman...can't help it), but I actually pay attention to the game...and I pretty much understand what's going on. This makes me love it even more.

Speaking of football cuties, Will Demps, #47 on the Texans, is guapo...all of the above... I'd seen pictures of him and heard about him when he was on the New York Giants. I'd always wondered if he looks as good in person as he does in his pictures. I'm glad to say he does. We - my sis and I - saw him as he walked off the field after the game. Thank God for close seats, 'cause we saw him nice and clear. Oh, to meet him and have him beam that gorgeous smile at me just once. And to top it all off, I'd read an article about him (Essence Magazine, September 2007 issue) where he said: What I really crave is love, tenderness and understanding-an intimate partnership with a woman who could become my wife. I'm far from perfect and all of this is easier said than done. But if God gives me the strength to ignore my physical urges and temptations, I know I can have that kind of relationship. Sappy? Maybe. Sweet? Definitely. *SIGH* I think I have a new 32, lol! I leave you with a pic of the shirt I wore to the game (the only picture I did get to take) and pics of the gorgeous Will Demps, who happens to model on the side. Who'da thunk it? A modeling football player. *SIGH*