Puerto Rico

So, if you've read my "Rae's List" blog post, you know that visit Puerto Rico is on my list of things to do before - or by the time - I turn 35 (in, like, 3 years). I've wanted to go to PR since high school, when I saw a Puerto Rican cutie pie (don't remember his name or where I saw him, I just remember that he was fine). Then I actually saw pics and heard from others how gorgeous it is and instantly fell in love.

I'd made plans to go after graduating from college, 10 years ago, but money (or lack thereof) put a stop to it. Well, next year, I'll be graduating with my doctorate degree and I figured, what better way to celebrate becoming Dr. Rae Weakly, EdD, than taking a trip to Puerto Rico.

So, next year, during spring break, my sister, cousin, and I will be spending 10 glorious days in Puerto Rico. I have 5 months til we board that airplane. 5 months to save money for mucho spending dinero. 5 months to lose any weight I've put my mind to losing. 5 months to practice my espanol. 5 months!

Our trip is still in the planning stage, but, you can believe we'll be there come March 12th. My sis and I are determined to see this trip through. Nothing's going to stop us, not even a failing economy, unless, of course, God decides it ain't happening (and we've already prayed on that). I cannot wait. I think I deserve the trip. I have pics of PR plastered on my bedroom wall as inspiration and incentive to keep persevering. This doctorate thing is driving me insane, oh, but when I'm chilling on some beach, relaxing and having fun, the hard work will be worth it!



Anonymous said...

You will love Puerto Rico. I will post your blog spot on my site on Puerto Rico news site so people can dream with you.

E. Suarez