Random Thoughts Thursday

In a moment of pure brilliance, I decided that Thursdays will be the days I post my 'random thoughts' blog. Why? Alliteration. Thoughts. Thursday. I know. Brilliant. Way to play on words, Rae.

Vibe's Best Rapper Alive

Vibe Magazine held a 'Best Rapper Alive' contest for its November issue ( The winner was Eminem. I will say Eminem is definitely in my top 5, but the best? I know this is a matter of opinion. Personally, I think Jay Z (who came in 2nd place) is the best, but, whatever. My problem with the contest came more with some of the other nominees. To me - and this is my opinion, which I'm entitled to - some of the rappers named shouldn't have even been on the list. Soulja Boy? Flo Rida? I mean, having Soulja Boy on the list with the likes of Jay Z and Eminem would be like...let's see...having a 'best basketball player alive' contest and having some junior high/middle school players on the same list as NBA players. Some of these 'rappers' aren't even in the same league.

The Cheryl Burke Weight Gain Issue

Apparently, Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars, has gained some weight since last season (;_ylt=AoBZxP6lBGrQFQjiiDorqKvWn414) This is Cheryl last year: and this is a pic of her this year:
This is fat? My goodness, I guess I'm elephantine then! What is is with America and its obsession over weight? A celeb gains a few pounds and, OMG! Call the fat police! They're starting to resemble the Pillsbury Doughboy (or girl)! I mean, really? And we wonder why so many young girls (and guys) have eating disorders. So, what...Paris Hilton, in all her boniness, is the epitome of beauty? I think not! I think Cheryl looks good. Can I look that good in a bikini, Lord? Please? And she's an awesome dancer too? I think I've found a new role model. You know what I say? Leave her the h*ll alone! She looks good. And she feels good about her body...and she should. She should be a role model to both women and girls. I love the fact that her and Lacey Schwimmer are on DWTS, representing the more curvier women (although there are women with more curves than them both). When will we ever stop letting society dictate what real beauty is?

Barack and Michelle Obama

I noticed something last night at the end of last night's debate. When the wives were on stage, there was a difference in body language between the couples. While the audience was clapping, the McCains stood apart. Every once in a while, Cindy would reach over and touch John. The Obamas, on the other hand, stood close together. Barack had an arm around Michelle and she had an arm around him. Every once in a while, they'd whisper something to each other. I've been observing them throughout his campaign and, I must say, I love what I see. There's nothing like seeing a couple show so much love and admiration for each other. I see that in my own parents who have been married for 31 years and together for even longer. My parents are high school sweethearts. I love seeing them hold hands. Every morning, they call each other (Daddy works at home, but Mama doesn't) to say 'I love you' and 'Have a good day'. I LOVE that! When I get married, I want that myself. And I love the way Barack protects his family. Earlier in the campaign, when people tried to get on Michelle, he immediately squashed it, basically saying, 'You can talk about me, but leave my wife and daughters alone.' My dad's like that. He's protective of his whole family, but he's more protective of his girls (Mama, my sis, Meechie, and I). All the males in the family (extended family as well) know not to mess with the Weakly women. Growing up, my brother was not allowed to hit my sis or I. If a male were to disrespect Daddy's girls... well, let's just say the guilty one wouldn't be happy. So, yeah, my future husband (whoever he may be) will have a lot to live up to. Anyway, on youtube, there's a wonderful vid of Michelle and Barack: