Random Thoughts

I'm learning that there's this misconception that all authors make so much money. There are quite a few authors who have a day job in addition to their writing career. Not everyone's making the big bucks like Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowling, or other big name authors.

I am not an author...yet (working on it), but I am a writer with a day job. I don't see how writers/authors with full time jobs and families do it. They're able to shell out these books while working and taking care of the spouse and kids. I admire that. I'm not married, nor do I have kids, but I do have a day job. I still find it difficult, at times, to write.

The really funny thing is, during the fall, I worked all day, came home and did my doctorate work, and was still able to write. The words came kind of easily. Now that it is summer time, it's like my brain doesn't want to work - on writing my book(s) or my dissertation. I guess I should be happy with the spurts I do get. Things are playing out in my head, but getting it on paper is another story.

Wanna know what I think? This may sound weird. Both sides of my brain have kinda been vying for attention. My left side - the analytical, detail oriented side - rules when I'm working on my dissertation. My right side - the creative, imaginative side - rules when I'm writing my books. So, I have both sides and my dissertation/books needing attention and now, both sides have decided to take a break - on writing & dissertation, not on thinking...clearly I need my brain to think. Anyway, I'm having difficulty working on both. Guess my brain's on summer vacation - which is so NOT fair, since I don't get a vacation (these pesky bills stop me from actually enjoying the summer like other teachers get to do).

So, what does this mean (besides the fact that I really need a vacation)? Maybe, just maybe, I need to stop forcing it. Maybe I just need to let it flow. Then, maybe, everything will start coming to me again. Also, I need to take a Me-day, where I'm not working or worried about bills. Come to think of it, I need the Me-day soon. Hmm...



ElanaJ said...

Interesting thoughts. And are you a teacher? I always enjoy "meeting" another teacher-writer.

I think you should just let it flow and enjoy the spurts. :)

Rae said...

Thanks ElanaJ. I am a teacher, although I'm not teaching full time anymore. I've been part-time teaching while I pursue my doctorate. I'm hoping to start my own business soons, so I won't be going back to teaching.