Random Thoughts Thursday

I sure wish I knew how to interpret dreams. I've had some crazy dreams. Like seriously. And all my dreams fall under one of the following 5 categories: (1) I Don't Remember; (2) WTH; (3) Ooh, God! Can you make it happen?: (4) The scary, "gotta -keep-my-lights-on" kind; and (5) Unexplainable. Dreams that fall under category 1, I won't even waste my time cos I don't remember...duh. Dreams in category 4, I don't even want to remember.

A few weeks ago, I had a "WTH" dream. The city was being attacked by a giant, slobbering diaper-wearing baby. I know. WTH, right?

But wait...there's more.

The baby shot pellets out of its butt. The pellets looked like hockey pucks.

But wait...there's more.

When pellets hit the people, words like, "POW" or "BAM" would appear along with stars. Kinda like the old Batman TV show. While people fell out - whether from the force of the pellets, or the smell - the baby laid on its tummy, with its behind tooted in the air, giggling and clapping. Yeah, that look you have on your face now is probably the same look I had on my face when I woke up.

I've had two recent "Ooh, God! Can you make it happen" dreams where I wrote a Grammy-winning song...two different dreams; two different songs.

My two recent "unexplainable" dreams are kind of in the same...area, I guess you can say. They both were so real, I could feel the touches of the people in my dream. In the first dream, I'm in bed and I open my eyes to see a precious little girl staring at me. Creepy, right? She's crying. She says, "She's not answering me. Why won't she answer me?" Then, a few more kids surround me, crying and nudging me. They keep asking me why won't their loved ones answer them. The dream me knows why. The kids are dead and their families can't see or hear them. despite knowing that a bunch of dead kids are in my room, dream me isn't scared at all...just tired, as if she's tired of dealing with dead people. It felt so real. Like, I could feel myself being shaken by those kids. Needless to say, I woke up with the covers over my head, wondering if I'd really been visited by a group of dead kids.

In my most recent dream, I held a conversation with my grandmother, which normally wouldn't be so weird but she died four years ago. I don't remember the conversation, but I do remember having an awesome peace. My grandfather, who died seven years ago, was there too, sitting in the background. They both looked young and very happy. When I reached out and touched her, it seriously felt like she was there. Again, I wasn't scared about being with my dead grandparents.

So, were these two dreams real? Or were they just dreams? That is the question. Let me say, I do believe they can be real. Do I believe there are such things as spirits and stuff like that? Yep. Spirits/demons/angels are all in the Bible. Besides, God sent the spirit of my great grandmother, GaGa, to save me when I was a baby. That's another blog post, though. *smile*

So, have you ever had weird dreams?