Mexico: July 22nd - July 29th

Hi. I'm Rae from least that's who I was when we visited Morelia (another beautiful Mexican city).

They believed me. I even had the "Rihanna" accent down. The weird thing is they think my sis and I (especially my sis) look like Rihanna. I think it's because we're all black with light eyes. Clearly we look nothing like her (not that we're not beautiful...cause we are).

Meechie  Rae @ the Lucha Libre

I went to my first Lucha Libre, which is kinda like wrestling. If you've seen Nacho Libre with Jack Black, then you know what I'm talking about. I had more fun than I thought I'd have. The funny thing was seeing how free everyone was with cheering. I mean, even the kids were into it - a few even flicked the wrestlers off with parents sitting next to them. One wrestler, La Sombra, looked mighty nice - pretty brown skin, nice, muscular body (not too muscular), firm butt...the only thing is he had on a mask. We couldn't see his face. *sigh* Alas, I'll always wonder if his face looks as good as the rest of him. Anyway, here are pics:

So, the Saturday before I left, we went to Taxco (yet another beautiful Mexican city).

Mexican Landscape (Taxco)

This place is known for selling real silver for cheap (I love silver). They have vendors all down the streets, selling things like jewelry, clothes, sunglasses, etc. It's very tight - with people bumping into each other...the vendor booths were very close to each other. Guess what happened to me! I was robbed! Isn't that awesome (not really, but, whatever). Get this, the woman who robbed me was old...I'm talking bent over and someone's sweet abuelita. I had on a small backpack that she'd managed to slit a hole in. My sis caught her with her hand in my bag. The good thing is, she didn't get away with anything important. She only got my brush and camera bag - without my camera - and my headphones. It's quite comical, really.

So, I'd say my trip to Mexico was a success. I had fun and got much needed rest. I even know where I'd buy a place for vacation. It's located in a beautiful condo complex...a 3-bedroom condo for only $500 (American dollars) a month. My sis and I might go half on a condo and lease to family and friends interested in vacationing in Mexico. Can you say, investment? Everyone loved their souvenirs, especially my mom. We bought her a beautiful eagle statue for her birthday (7/31).

Eagle statue we gave my mother.

So, there you have it. My 5 week vacation to the beautiful country of Mexico. I'm definitely going back - next time I'll be speaking more espanol. My next big trip? Puerto Rico...Spring Break '09 (March 14th - March 21st). I so cannot wait!