Random Thoughts Thursday

Finally, back on least til I'm without a computer again. I've decided to get a pink Dell (still trying to figure out which Dell). Unfortunately, I won't be able to buy one til February. Why pink? Cuz it's different. Although the black laptops are business-y, they're just so...blah. I want color. Guess I'm reverting back to my childhood days when pink was my color, before I outgrew it. Anyway, that's what I'm getting. On to my thoughts...

The Holidays. It's the holiday season! Did I mention before how much I love this time of year (I'm sure I did, but I'm saying it again). Monday was Hanukkah, so, Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it. Today is Christmas, so, Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa (starts tomorrow). Did I miss one? If I did, forgive me. I celebrate Christmas, so I thank God for sending His Son here. Happy Birthday, Jesus! I love you!

James Bond. There's a rumor going around that P. Diddy wants to be the next Bond. You can look at his newest fragrance commercial & see that (his fragrances are AWESOME, btw). So, here's my take on this: while Diddy can dress like Bond & he may have that Bond swagger, I don't think he's Bond material. Just my opinion. First off, James Bond is supposed to be gorgeous and, to me, Diddy is not. I mean, come on. Sean Connery? Pierce Brosnan? Daniel Craig?

Diddy is not in the same league. Then, there's the smoothness...the umph that makes the man Bond. And the acting? Don't get me wrong. P Diddy was okay in Raisin in the Sun. Not dynamic...just okay. I admit, he does have a few Bond qualities, but, when I picture the first African American James Bond, I do not see Sean "P Diddy" Combs. I just don't.

You know who I do see? Will Smith. He's got it! He's the next James Bond - should they decide to add color to the Bond franchise. He's gorgeous, got a great body, smooth, an awesome actor, & gorgeous (I know I said that one already, but it's worth repeating). Think Bad Boys' Mike Lowry on a whole different level. That's James Bond. And he's a bankable star. Even in his worst movies, Will Smith still did well in the box office. Face it...I...I mean, people love Will Smith. They'd go see a Will Smith headliner before a P Diddy one (sorry, Diddy). I've casted my vote. Will Smith as the next James Bond. It's perfect - a match made in Hollywood heaven. Did I mention he's gorgeous?



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Merry Christmas!

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