Random Thoughts Thursday...On Saturday (again)

I SO need my own laptop! Can you say "perfect Christmas present"?

Living @ Home. My sis and I were having a discussion about the fact that we're grown - I'm 32 and she's 26 - and live with our parents. She's a little bummed about it. Me? I used to be bummed. More like embarrassed. Now, I'm not...well, not as much. I mean, yeah, I miss my independence, ALOT. I moved back January, 2007 cause I couldn't afford to be a full time doctoral student while living in a nice apartment on a substitute teacher salary. I tried and couldn't do it. Moving back in was the last thing I wanted to do, but I had no other choice. It was just smarter to live with my parents 'til I finish my doctorate program (next year, YAY!). So, I'm okay with it now. I think the fact that we're not just moochin' off my parents helps keep my attitude positive. There are grown children who sit around their parents' homes and do absolutely nothing. No offense, but I think that's just trifling. Can't do it. My sis and I have jobs, pay rent, help out with the food, etc. We help out around the house. We are planning on buying house & becoming roommates, but that's not til next year. So, yeah. I'm 32 and live with my parents. I think of it like this: I'm in good company. Jesus was 33 when he moved out his parents house to do what he was called for. :)

Songs I'm Really Feelin. Every time I hear these songs on the radio, I feel compelled to blast the radio and sing/dance along. I am absolutely FEELIN these songs. Now, just so you know, my taste in music is diverse. I listen to almost everything (can't really get into the heavy metal type). This list kind of reflects my taste. Here are 30 songs that get me moving:

  • Green Light by John Legend
  • Live Your Life by T.I. f/Rhianna - OMG, I'm really lovin this song!
  • Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan - okay so she's talking bout busting the windows of an ex's car. Clearly, I'm not like that...I just like the hip-hoppish tango track. Really.
  • I Need You Bad by Jazmine Sullivan
  • Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce
  • Magic by Robin Thicke
  • Flaws and All by Beyonce - This is a beautiful song.
  • Big Enough by Ayiesha Woods
  • Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf
  • Corazon by Prima J
  • Addicted by Saving Abel
  • Cry for You by September
  • Keeps Gettin Better by Christina Aguilera
  • Te Mando Flores by Fonseca
  • When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls
  • Miss Independent by NeYo - Lovin it!
  • American Boy by Estelle f/Kanye West
  • Gotas de Agua Dulce by Juanes
  • All Around Me by Flyleaf
  • Mercy by Duffy
  • Pegate by Ricky Martin
  • Jamas by Ricky Martin - Don't care what anyone says. I've loved Ricky Martin's music for a while. His song, La Copa de La Vida (The Cup of Life) actually hooked me on Latin/Spanish music.
  • Calabria 2008 by Enur f/Natasja
  • So What by Pink
  • Hot N Cold by Kate Perry
  • Burning Up by Jonas Brothers
  • Swagger Like Us by T.I. f/Kanye, Jay-Z, & Little Wayne
  • Set the World on Fire by Brit Nicole
  • Solo Para Ti by Camila: Actually, anything by Camila
  • Love Lockdown by Kanye West

So, these are actually a few of the songs. There were too many to name. When you get in my car, you'd see the different kind of radio stations I have programmed: Spanish, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Hip Hop/R&B, Pop... What can I say? I'm crazy about music. I can't help it - it's in my blood (my dad's a musician).



MEECHIE said...

Clearly you say you're not like that but you can get to that point of busting windows. Believe me I know I've seen it I'm your sister! I'M FEELING F****** VIOLENT!!! Let's remember who said that! O yea she goes there! lol

Rae said...

Ignore her, she's delusional! WHO R U CRAZY PERSON! :)

Craig said...

Is this my two nieces using such words? Lawd I am coming to Houston next week to sling some oil all ova the place...

Uncle Craig

learn chinese said...

Dell is cheap, but it is good.

Rae said...

Thanks for the tip on Dell.