NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

So, yesterday was the last day of NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the 50K word mark (more like 5,871), but I'm okay with it - *sniff* - really, I am. I don't like losing, but whatever. I still have the same excitement over this book now as I did when I first started planning it. At least now, I don't have to stress of "OMG! Must make it to 50K" bombarding me. I can actually take my time. I think the stress of my dissertation hindered me. I know one thing: I will NOT have the dissertation problem next year (God-willing). I will be done! With the dissertation, I mean. Anyway, last week, I posted the synopsis and a small excerpt of Who's Got Tha Moves. Today, I'm posting my cast of characters (wanted to post my soundtrack, but it's not working right now).

Cast of Characters

In my novel notebook, I have pics of other characters (both major and minor). Of course, I'm only posting characters who are very important to the novel.

Jordin Sparks as Treasure Davis
Treasure is my main character. She's the oldest of 4 girls...a typical first born: focused, organized, etc. Up until recently, Treasure was satisfied with the way her life was going - all she did was go to school, go to work, go to church, and go home (no social life). She's shy and dislikes being in groups or crowds. Treasure has been dancing since she was 3. Trying out for Who's Got Tha Moves takes Treasure way out of her comfort zone.
Jennifer Freeman as Maya Nuñez
Maya is Treasure's bff. She's more outspoken than Treasure...not shy at all.
Bow Wow as Q
Treasure's crush; a year older than Treasure
Gus Carr: Gio Morales
Contestant on WGTM; Treasure's dance partner for competition; develops feelings for her.
Adriana Lima as Zoe Dobson
Treasure's main competition on WGTM

So, that's it. My cast of main characters. There are more people (the WGTM hosts, main judge, and contestants). These are the people I see when I'm writing the novel...the ones I visualize. Didn't get to do character bios this time. Who knows, after the novel is developed more (with a possibility of representation and/or publication), I can go more into details. :)