This Just In...

As I walked through our neighborhood (yeah, gotta walk off those Thanksgiving pounds), it occurred to me that we have some lazy, trifling humans here on Earth. I balked at the amount of trash I saw on the streets. Now, don't get me wrong, the neighborhood doesn't look like a dump - it's a nice place to live in - but nevertheless, thrash still litters the streets.

I noticed empty chip bags, burger wrappers, fast food cups, empty beer cans, cigarettes, cigarette boxes, broken beer bottles, a squished baby diaper (don't even wanna know what was in there), candy wrappers, Styrofoam cups, etc. I even saw a used condom (Are you as grossed out as I was? I would've stepped on the darn thing had I not been looking down at the time.).

People, it doesn't take much to hold on to your trash and throw it in the nearest trash can. We have a Walgreen's and 3 gas stations right around the corner that have trash cans. It takes less than a minute to pull over and throw the trash away. And the used condom wrapper? Ew! Please, spare us the evidence of your passionate night (or day). The sad thing is, the condom was right across from a mosque. Now, I'm not Muslim, but I do respect the worship place of those in our neighborhood...just like I would want someone to respect my church (also in the neighborhood). Call me prude, but I wouldn't dare go there across a worship place. *shaking head in disdain*