Random Thoughts Thursday

Dissertation. If you've been following this blog at all, you know my feelings on this subject. That graduation date just seems to drift farther and farther away from me. I keep telling myself it'll all be worth it in the end, but, really, sometimes, it's hard to keep that in mind. I just have to continue to picture myself all decked out in my doctorate regalia, walking across the stage as they call my name: Dr. Raenice B. Weakly.

Rejection. So, I received about 3 more agent rejections within the last 2-3 weeks. Yeah, it stings, but that's how the game is played. I think I received my best agent rejection Monday from The Chudney Agency. The agent, Steven Chudney, sent me a friendly, personalized letter. He made suggestions on how I can make my manuscript better and made notations on the 50-page submission. OMG, are you serious? Clearly this is one of the reasons why The Chudney Agency is one of my top agencies (besides the fact that they represent some good authors). Mr. Chudney even suggested that I keep him in mind. Oh, I will Mr. Chudney...believe me, I will. Honestly, I think the second novel I'm working on, Who's Got Tha Moves, just may very well be my 'breakout' novel. I've always felt this way - since I came up with the WGTM idea. So, I think that, after finishing WGTM and going through a gazillion revisions, I may have more takers for my 2nd novel than my first. I know I'm a good writer. I'm not being cocky or egotistical...I just know that God gave me this gift and everything that comes from Him is good. I'm just looking forward to the day that I move from aspiring author, to published author.

Changes. Some people have a hard time with change. Me? I'm okay with it, every once in awhile. This past weekend, I underwent a major change. I cut my hair off. I'd been looking for something different, saw the cutest hairstyle, and knew cutting my hair was the way to go. So, now, the hair that was once growing past my shoulders is know practically off my neck. People asked why I cut my long hair off. I say, my hair is meant to be played in and styled. I get bored very easily with my hair. I've had my hair braided, cornrowed, cut, and colored in different styles. Besides, my hair grows fast. In 2005, I cut my hair even shorter than it is now and, by 2007, it ended up being past my shoulders. Anyway, I'm lovin my new haircut! It's short and sassy, just like me. :) It's also easy to maintain. Here are pics:





Amy said...

OMG! I LOVE your new 'do. It's cute, fun, sassy AND sophisticated!

Few people sell their first books. I always considered my first (ahem, FOUR) books the apprenticeship. Even the one I eventully sold (fifth full manuscript) went through lots of editor-directed revisions.

Your excitement about book two speaks VOLUMES. I think that kind of excitement comes across in the writing and agents/editors/readers pick up on that.

Good luck!

Rae said...

Thanks, Amy.

Shari said...

SO cute! It looks great on you!

Rae said...

Thank you, Shari.