Random Thoughts Thursday

A Pretty Random Topic. I, Raenice Weakly, am a lifelong member of an elite group of people known as "Lefties." Yep, I'm left-handed. Did you know that only one in 10 people is left-handed (says the Left Handers Association...I didn't even know there was a Left Handers Association)? That's only 10% of the world's population. Truthfully, I love being in such a small percentage. It means I'm unique, and I love being different...I never liked being like everybody else.

At work, one of the classes I work with has about 3 left-handed students while another has 5. When I first started substituting (6 years ago), there'd only be 1 or 2, if any at all. The number of left-handed people is slowly increasing. We're taking over the world (enter maniacal laugh right here)! Not really, but it's a nice thought. You'd think the schools would have more desks that cater to lefties. I've seen classes where there were no lefty desk, so the student had to sit at a weird angle to write. *sigh* Lovin this tee:

Moving. I hate the whole process of moving. You know, the packing, the transporting, the unpacking... I hate it. I'm in the middle of moving. Did I mention my sis and I are moving into our first house? Yay! So, even though I despise the moving process, I love the fact that we're moving into a house. I think I can get over all the work it entails, don't you think? Our house is a cute little townhouse - perfect for first time buyers like ourselves. I'll post pics later. I'm excited. I do know this: the next time I move (which will probably be when I get married and move into our dream house), I'm hiring movers to do the dirty work...or my future hubby can do it.