Random Thoughts/Fitness Friday

Friday, the 13th. Beware of the Friday, the 13th curse! Mwahahahahahah! That, in case you're wondering, was my evil laugh. Sends chills down your spine, doesn't it? Anyway, I don't believe in the whole "Friday, the 13th=bad luck" deal, but I do love a good scary movie. I hadn't really seen one in a while, though. The Ring? Not scary to me. The only scary part was @ the end when she walked out of the TV. The Grudge? Uh uh. Do you know of any scary movies? In honor of the release of an updated Friday, the 13th movie - which, really, could they just leave the 'franchise' alone already -I'm listing my top 5:

5. Child's Play (1988):

You must understand, the thought of a homicidal doll coming to life to terrorize its owner was creepy for someone who collected dolls. I was that someone. After the first one, though, Chucky became funny instead of scary.

4. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

Yep, had me a little afraid to go to sleep. But after the first one, Freddy Kruger, like Chucky, became comical. I stopped watching after the 3rd or 4th one.

3. The Shining (1980).

I was but a little girl when this first came out, but I did watch it years afterwards. I never got a chance to see the whole movie, but what I've seen...pretty scary. The pic says it all: Jack Nicholson did his thang.

2. It (1990).

I swear, this movie has turned me against clowns. I can't even see a clown (especially Ronald McDonald...he's creepy by himself) without seeing It. That clown haunting those poor boys...CREEPY!

1. The Exorcist (1973).

I still can't watch the whole least not by myself...and definitely not at night. Maybe early morning - like, say 8 or 9? Just to give it enough time to leave my brain by the time I go to bed. This movie terrifies, if I were to watch it now, I'd be a 32 year-old woman sleeping with the lights on. I think this one scares me the most because, as a Christian, I know that Satan/demon possession is biblical and real. I'm not scared of being possessed by demons because I know, as a child of God, they can't touch me or my soul. But to witness it? OMG, I wouldn't want to witness it. Were Jesus's disciples creeped out when they saw someone demon possessed? I mean, yeah, they had the Son of God by their side, but come on. They had to be at least a little frightened.

Plane Crashes. On to another topic...Man, what is up with the plane crashes? After the happy ending of Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, we have the sad ending of Flight 3407 in NY. My heart and prayers go out to all who were affected. So sad. And the weird thing is, last night, I dreamt I witnessed a horrible plane crash in a residential neighborhood that ended up in fire, then, this morning, my sis tells me about Flight 3407. Seriously, I'm creeped out.

Fitness Friday. Nothing really to report. Maybe in a week or two.