Random Thoughts/Fitness Friday

New Job. So, last month, I started my new job as a math support teacher. I absolutely LOVE it! Just thought I'd let ya'll know. I love working with 4th and 5th graders. The funny thing is, I can feel their frustration with math 'cause I've been there. Math is still not my strongest subject. So, when I tell them I feel them, I really mean it. And do you know how long it's been since I was in 5th grade? 23 years. Yeah. The stuff their making these poor babies learn now...I didn't learn some of the stuff til I was, like, in junior high/high school. *shudder*

I love the fact that I get off at 1:30 and I have Fridays off. Some people asked me if I'd substitute teach on Fridays. I love my 4 day/5hr per day work week. Perfect example of God knowing what's good for you better than you do: I originally wanted to full time teach. I was turned down several times (to the point that I thought something was wrong with me). Now I know, full time teaching wasn't where God wanted me. I SO LOVE MY JOB!!!

School. I've decided to take a semester (much needed) break from school...kind of pull myself from the stress of the doctorate program. This may cause me to finish early next year instead of late this year, but, in my mind, I think my health and sanity is more important than finishing at a certain time. I've just about completed the hardest part of my program, so when I get back in June, it'll be a smoother journey for me.

Fitness. Riight. I haven't been feeling well this week, so, really, I've done nothing. On the other hand, I'm still eating better. :)

Reality Dance Shows. Forget about American Idol or The Bachelor (which is just...ugh to me). I'm waiting for the dance shows. I love, love, LOVE dancing. I just noticed that I've already missed the start of America's Best Dance Crew, which started last month. No worries, I'll start watching. Dancing With The Stars...So You Think You Can Dance...I cannot wait!

I'll be watching for research as much as fun. My next novel, Who's Got Tha Moves, is about a girl who tries out, and makes it, on a reality dance show. I'm having so much fun writing this book ya'll, it's almost a sin! I mean, should I be enjoying, WORK, this much? With my iPod full of music, blasting as I write and imagine the characters dancing and competing? I can't wait til this book comes out. I'm sure this book will sell before my first one.