Random Thoughts

I got tagged on Facebook for the '25 Random Things About Me' post, so, I figured, why not post them on my blog, too. I tried to mix in some interesting things about me, but, clearly, I'm not the most exciting person in the world. In fact, I'm actually pretty boring.

  • I'm the oldest of 8 (3 biological & 5 adopted).
  • I'm an extremely sarcastic person (as you can probably tell from my posts). Actually, my whole fam is sarcastic.
  • I absolutely LOVE seafood, but can't eat it because I'm allergic to it. Eating perch fish can possibly kill me.
  • I'm a good writer. I'm not bragging, I just know God gave me this gift and anything that comes from Him is good.
  • I am the 5th generation firstborn female. My great great grandmom, great grandmom (GaGa), grandmom (Granny), mom, and I are all the oldest of our siblings. Kind of leaves pressure on me to have a firstborn girl myself, don't you think?
  • I'm also a 4th generation Pepsi lover (GaGa, Granny, Mama, & I).
  • I'm a 32 year-old virgin.
  • GaGa, who died 7 months before I was born, saved my life. Long story short: it was her angel that came late at night to my mom and told her to check my crib. When my parents finally got over the shock of seeing my dead great grandmother, they checked and found me blue in the face & not breathing. Took me to the hospital just in time.
  • I feel that GaGa is my guardian angel (see #8). I feel her with me everywhere, especially when I'm baking (she loved to bake too).
  • I'm totally addicted to all the CSIs, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Ugly Betty and, my week isn't complete without those shows.
  • I'm extremely ticklish, especially under my feet. I'm so ticklish that if you point near my neck - without touching me - I'll start cracking up.
  • I am claustrophobic, thanks to accidentally locking myself in the bathroom when I was about 13/14. Don't ask.
  • I think Jay Z is the BEST rap artist there is, bar none. His lyrics...his music...his delivery...he's a genius.
  • I once got tipsy off of a wine cooler (my first time drinking anything with alcohol, no matter how little the amount was).
  • I collect anything that has to do with angels (see #8 for why)...angel figurines, pictures, stickers, socks - anything with angels.
  • God has given my a purpose (and talent) to educate and empower children and teens.
  • I am an anal perfectionator with OCD tendencies. This just means I'm an anal perfectionist who happens to be a procrastinator. Sounds messed up, right?
  • I've only had one real boyfriend in my life (the one when I was 9 doesn't count). It only lasted 1 year cuz he went away to college (he was a year older than me) and I wasn't ready for a long distance relationship.
  • I'm a walking oxymoron. Example: I'm a romantic, but I cringe & roll my eyes at sappy, mushy stuff...I hate needles, but I love tattoos...I don't like Math, but I LOVE my job as a Math teacher.
  • My favorite animal is a white tiger. I'd get one for a pet if it were allowed.
  • I have a weakness for stationary. Pens, pencils, spirals, notebooks...gotta have them.
  • I also have a weakness for fragrances. I especially have a MAJOR weakness for men who wear, I'd hug them just to get a whiff, or, if they're strangers, I'd get real close. Crazy, I know.
  • I abhor clowns thanks to that scary Stephen King movie, It. I still get creeped out watching it.
  • In front of strangers, I'm shy and quiet, but, in front of family, I'm extremely goofy and talkative.
  • It's easier for me to write what I'm feeling/thinking than to say it.