Book Review: Mama's Saris by Pooja Makhijani

Genre: Picture Book

In preparing to celebrate her seventh birthday, the little girl in Mama's Saris helps her mom decide which sari to wear. Mama wears her saris for special occasions. As they go through her suitcase, Mama talks about the different occasions she wore each sari. The little girl pleads with her mother to let her wear one. Mama finally concedes since it's the little girl's birthday. After she's dressed in the sari, bangles and a bindi, the little girl happily tells her mother, "I think I look like you."

This books was a heartfelt read that I enjoyed very much. It reminded me of when I was a little girl wanting to wear my mom's clothes. It brought to mind a picture I have of me in my mom's high heels with my hands on my hips. The pictures in Mama's Saris go perfectly with this story - so colorful and expressive. Mama's Saris gives you that warm feeling inside as you take a look at a mother/daughter relationship and a wonderful Indian tradition.

Rating: 5/5