Random Thoughts Thursday

New Toys. I just received my new netbook. I was a little worried that it would be a little too small to use (as oppose to the 15+ in screens that I'm used to) but I absolutely LOVE it! It's little and me. I can easily carry it along with me. Here's an example of what my laptop looks like:

Now, all I'm waiting on is affordable internet service and I'll be good. The funny thing is, my laptop was delivered on the same day I got a few books that I ordered. A pink laptop and books delivered on the same know I was in nerd heaven! The books I ordered, by the way, are: A Match Made in High School, Eighth-Grade Superzero, Wish, and The Mark.

At-Home Retreat. So, unfortunately, I can't afford to go somewhere for a sabbatical, so I'm going to plan an at-home retreat. I'm including time to spend with God, catch up on things that have fallen behind (blogging, reading, writing), and just have some me-time. It's going to be during my spring break. I can NOT wait!