Random Thoughts Thursday

Call me naive, but I can't understand why politicians can't set aside self for one moment and agree on what's best for this country. They're so busy arguing about "Republicans this" and "Democrats that" that they're forgetting about what's more important than they're inflated egos...THE PEOPLE! I'm so tired of hearing each party go back and forth about who did what. At times, they sound like the little kids I teach, tattling on each other. I really wanna tell them, "Get over yourselves and start focusing on what this country needs!" I'll tell you what we don't need: a bunch of bickering peeps (doesn't matter what color, age, or race) who's main focus is to push their own personal agenda forward.

I am SO glad I do not put my trust in politicians. I am a supporter of President Obama, but my trust is not in him. I do not count on him to help me in my daily living. Yes, he's the leader of our country - whether you like it or not - but I don't trust him to make my life here on earth livable. My trust is in God and God alone! He is the one who sustains me day-by-day. He is the one who keeps me, in spite of our tumultuous economy. It is God who will lead me to my promised land. Not President Obama...not Democrats...not Republicans...but God.