Random Thoughts Thursday

Mayor Goodman/Obama. Ok, so am I the only one who is perturbed at Las Vegas' Mayor Goodman's reaction? I mean, come on! Obama's statement: "You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college. You prioritize. You make tough choices. It's time your government did the same." I'm sorry, but I don't see anything wrong with that statement. Is it just me?? I don't see him saying anything negative about Vegas. I can sum up his statement in one word: budget. If I'm trying to save $ for college, will going to Vegas and blowing it really be a smart thing to do? Doesn't Mayor Goodman know that people come to Vegas from all parts of the country - the world - so they can experience the casinos and flashing lights? Does he not know that people do, in fact, go to Vegas to blow a bunch of cash? I can't see people going to Vegas and not spending a dime...not experiencing the casinos. If you have, well, good for you. But I'll probably be right in saying most people don't. They go and they spend. They gamble and they spend some more. So why in the h*ll is Obama's statement so bad? Why did it warrant Mayor Goodman's statement that Obama's a "slow learner"? Looks to me like Goodman's the slow learner here. smh

Blog Awards.
I've received my very first blog award: a Silver Lining Blog Award (for blogs that always help others in some way or focus on the good things in life and uplift others), thanks to my friend, Karen Strong over at Musings of a Novelista. I kinda feel like Betty did last night on Ugly Betty when she won a Blobby award for her blog, lol! So, according to the rules, after thanking Karen (thanks SO much), I can answer the following quiz (no more than two words) and pass the award on to 5 blogs I feel deserve the Silver Lining Award.

  • Where is your cell phone? Desk

  • Your hair? Medium

  • Your mother? Beautiful

  • Your father? Strong

  • Your favorite food? Mexican

  • Your dream last night? None

  • Your favorite drink? PEPSI!!!

  • Your dream/goal? Become virtuous

  • What room are you in? Parents' office

  • Your hobby? Reading

  • Your fear? Cockroaches

  • Where do you want to be in 6 years? Bestselling author

  • Where were you last night? Home (duh)

  • Something that you aren’t? Talkative

  • Muffins? Chocolate chip

  • Wish list item? Books

  • Where did you grow up? Alief, TX

  • Last thing you did? Wrote

  • What are you wearing? Jeans/Sweatshirt

  • Your TV? Off

  • Your pets? Not yet

  • Friends? Awesome

  • Your life? Blessed

  • Your mood? Happy

  • Missing someone? Deceases grandparents

  • Vehicle? Ford Mustang
  • Something you’re not wearing? Shoes

  • Your favorite store? Barnes & Nobles

  • Your favorite color? Pink

  • When was the last time you laughed? Earlier

  • Last time you cried? Can’t remember

  • Your best friend? Awesome

  • One place that I go to over and over? Parents' home

  • One person who emails me regularly? My family

  • Favorite place to eat? Applebee's

  • Now for the 5 blogs that always help others in some way or focus on the good things in life and uplift others: hmm...



    Karen Strong said...

    I love your answers! A girl who loves Mexican can't go wrong in my book. LOL.

    That and your Man-ificent Mondays!

    Rae said...

    Thanks Karen. I LOVE Mexican food! And the Man-ificent Mondays? Well, there's nothing wrong with celebrating attractive men, right? Lol!