Arc Review: Famous

Author: Simone Bryant
Genre: YA
Release: December, 2010
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3/5

Description: Fame. Fortune. Friendship.
Two out of three ain't bad...

At prestigious Pace Academy, the Pacesetters make the rules. But in the world outside, being rich and popular doesn't always get you what you want...

Starr has ambition, charisma, and--thanks to her father's record company--all the connections to put together a music group and bring it major exposure. Just one problem: Starr can't sing, and now her friends are looking to replace her with her arch-rival, Natalee...

Dionne is excited about being the rapper of the group--even if her parents don't approve. But it's hard to focus on her rhymes when she'd rather be spitting game than writing sixteen bars.

Marisol loves the stage, though it's dancing, not singing, that's in her blood. She'd do anything for her friends--except give up her own shot at stardom...

With ego trippin' and infighting tearing their friendship apart, Starr, Dionne, and Marisol are finding that the big-time comes with even bigger problems...

Review: This is book #2 in the Pace Academy series (the first being Fabulous). It's written in the same tone as the Gossip Girl series, and centers around three girls, Starr, daughter of a record mogul and superstar singer; Dionne, daughter of a rap star; and Marisol, daughter of a baseball star. There's a new face that enters the mix that just may mess up the close friendship these girls share.

  • Some of the descriptions were a little irritating at times (rhinestone-covered picture...lip-gloss covered mouth, etc). The fact that they had an iPhone 4 was mentioned several times. We knew she had the phone from the first time it was mentioned, so there was no need to keep repeating it.
  • The end left me hanging...but the 3rd book in the series, Glamorous, comes out early next year.
  • It started off a little slow for me...didn't really get into it til before the midway.

  • Marisol is definitely my favorite character. She was strong and had her head in the right place. There for her friends, but she had her own dreams to go for.
  • I liked that I didn't have to read book #1 to understand what was going on. Famous each book can stand alone.

I wasn't really a big Gossip Girl fan, but, Famous is perfect for those who did enjoy it.



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