ARC Review: A Silken Thread

Author: Brenda Jackson
Genre: Romance,
Release: April, 2011
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3/5

Description: For Erica Sanders, finding a soul mate was the easy part. Brian Lawson is the man she wants, and everyone agrees they're the ideal couple. Almost everyone. The one exception is Erica's mother, Karen, who prefers her daughter marry another man. Karen even hires a private detective to investigate Brian, but the truth he uncovers is the last thing she expected—a devastating betrayal that rips both families apart.
Convinced that her relationship can't be salvaged, Erica ends her engagement. Yet she has lingering doubts over her decision, especially once Brian's attractive single neighbor starts pursuing him. A chance meeting proves that the passion between Brian and Erica hasn't dimmed—but neither has the determination of others to keep them apart, or the shocking lengths Karen will go to in order to undermine her daughter's relationship.

As secrets old and new are revealed, Erica and Brian find themselves caught between the bonds of the past and an uncertain future, each making painful discoveries about who to believe and trust. Masterfully told and laced with the sensuality and drama that Brenda Jackson does best, this is an unforgettable story of relationships at their most complex, and how hard it can be to choose between living separate lives—or holding fast when love hangs by a silken thread…

  • The fact that Erica was so quick to believe the worse in Brian. When something came up against him, she was quick to believe he did it.
  • As much as I wanted to care for the relationship between Erica and Brian...I didn't. Well, not much anyway. It lacked spark...kind of boring.
  • The story was slow at times, especially in the beginning.
  • Despite the fact that their relationship was a bit boring to me, I still liked the fact that they get together despite the obstacles that tried to keep them apart. What's a romance without a happy ending?
  • I loved the subplots more than I did the main plot. The relationship between April, Erica's best friend and Griffin, the man Erica's mom really wanted her to marry and the one between Rita, Brian's mom, and Wilson, Erica's still married father were more interesting. I really wanted to see what happened to them.
  • The scandal/deceit/unexpected love made the book interesting.
I love Brenda Jackson. I just didn't fall in love with this book. It was ok. To be fair, though, it reads kind of like a soap opera, and I'm not all that big on soaps. I'd still read any of Brenda Jackson's work cos she's just an awesome writer.