I haven't been on my blog schedule as I'd like to have been. What can I say? Getting ready to move to another country is keeping my busy. I'll return to my regularly scheduled program in August...hopefully.

I've gotten so behind in my Netgalley reviews, so this weekend, I played catch up. So until I can get to the point where I can go back to my scheduled posting, please enjoy my book reviews (thank God for being able to schedule posts). I'll be updating my other blog, The International Diva, too. In case this is your first time visiting my blog (welcome) or you haven't visited in a while (welcome back), I'm moving out of the country to the gorgeous city of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), about 2 hours from Dubai. My other blog is where I'm chronicling my journey.

So, anyway, that's it. Y'all have an awesome week!