Book Review: Blood Trails

Author: Sharon Sala
Genre: Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Release: September, 2011
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3.5/5

DescriptionHer "father's" deathbed confession reveals that Holly's real father was almost certainly the notorious serial killer known as "The Hunter," and that her mother gave Holly up to save her life. But The Hunter was never caught--and Holly's mother simply "vanished."

In search of her past, Holly leaves both her home and Bud Tate, the handsome ranch foreman she's afraid to love, horrified by the knowledge that the blood of a depraved killer might run through her veins. Haunted, driven, she searches for The Hunter and hopes her mother was wrong.

But her search leads to a terrible truth no one could have imagined, and even Bud's determination to follow and protect the woman he loves may not be enough to save Holly from the terrors of a past become present.

Review: Blood Trails is actually the third, and final, book in Sharon Sala's The Searchers series. The series features three sisters - Maria, Savannah, and Holly - who after their father dies, find out that they really aren't blood related and the man who raised them wasn't their father. He leaves each of them a journal with info that can lead them to their true identity. Each book features a sister and her journey for the truth. Blood Stains features Maria, Blood Ties features Savannah, and Blood Trails features Holly.

  • It was slow at times in the novel.
  • Although overall interesting, it was pretty predictable.
  • Besides the slow parts of the novel, it held my interest throughout most of the novel.
  • The relationship between Holly and Bud was sweet. Bud started out as a family friend, but feelings grew between him and Holly. And I like how protective he was of her.
  • I like Holly's strength. She found out some frightening things about her past, but it didn't stop her from looking for justice.
  • I like that this book can stand on its own. I haven't read the other two books, but it didn't cause me to be lost while reading Blood Trails.
This book wasn't the best book I've read, but it did hold my interest, especially when Holly discovers the truth and the events that come because of it. And I did find myself rooting for Holly and Bud. If you enjoy romantic suspense, you may want to give this one a try!



Angela Brown said...

Other than the predictability you encountered, this novel sounds like a pretty good revelations novel. Thanks for the review.

Rae said...

Thanks, Angela! :D