Book Review: Can't Touch This

Author: Marley Gibson
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Release: December, 2011
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3/5

Description: For Vanessa Virtue, all work and no play leads straight to temptation, one that’s too hot to touch...or resist.

A well-deserved work promotion opens up a thrilling world that Vanessa could only long for until now: exotic travel, a corporate credit card, and the opportunity to ogle hunk-and-a-half Kyle Nettles. Unfortunately, their employer has a strict “no dating within the company” policy. So instead of succumbing to her feelings, Vanessa hones her flirtations on the competition: a rock star sales exec who works for their rival company.

Rory Ellery has dreamy blue eyes and a kiss that threatens to obliterate Vanessa's taboo crush on Kyle...and just might provide a great chance for spying on the competition. That is, unless Rory is actually spying on her. When Vanessa goes digging for dirt with Rory, what she uncovers is scandal—and risks losing her job completely. To make things right with her employer, she’ll have to enlist Kyle’s help. But to make things right with her soul, is she willing to risk her job and her security in order to open her heart to Kyle.

Review: Marley Gibson is a published YA author. This is her first adult romance novel. The cover and the fact that it was Marley Gibson attracted me at first. Though it wasn't spectacular, I did enjoy this novel.

  • Some of the characters, like Vanessa, seemed a little younger than they were in the novel.
  • I sometimes wanted to shake Vanessa. Her rules were fine, but at times her insistence on following them was a bit much. Also, she was so blind to the obvious.
  • Vanessa's character was endearing and quirky, despite sometimes causing you to want to shake her. 
  • After a slow start, the book held y attention. I wanted to know what would happen next. Will Kyle and Vanessa finally stop fighting the attraction? Will Vanessa through the rules out the window? Does Rory really like Vanessa or does he have an ulterior motive?
  • The secondary characters helped make the book interesting.