Break Time!

I survived the A to Z Blog challenge! With not one, but TWO blogs! Yeah, I'm the woman. Heehee! 

Blogging practically everyday on two blogs is quite tiresome, so I'm taking a short break. My regularly scheduled blog posts will return in June. I figured, since I'm behind on my Netgalley reviews, I can use this time to catch up. Sooo, I'll be posting about 2+ per week. Then, come June, when school is practically over and summer is close to starting, I can return to normal blogging.

By the way, you'll be seeing a new look on both of my blogs within the month. So excited. I've had this look since I started this blog back in 2008, so I'm thinking it's time for a new look. And my other blog, The International Diva definitely needs a new look, seeing as though the girl in the header isn't even a black girl. She was the closest to my skin color as I could get for a free blog template.

So, my loves, in the words of the great philosopher, Arnold Schwarzenegger (heehee), "I'll be back!" Until then, enjoy some book reviews. Muah!