Book Review: Witches

Author: Cheryl Christian
Genre: Children's Book; Picture Book
Release: August, 2011
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 5/5

DescriptionHalloween night to remember. Whimsical, colorful illustrations overflow with charming details that will engage young readers to read the book again and again to discover all its charms.

Review: Witches are visiting homes on Halloween night! Children will love this book. The colorful illustrations capture the story perfectly. And I love that the witches are diverse. If I remember correctly, there's even a witch in a wheelchair. The revelation of the witches' identity, for adults, is predictable (we'd already know), but children will love it. This is a charming story perfect for Halloween!



Angela Brown said...

Now how cute and adorable is that? And to include a diverse array is wonderful as it gives readers from all shades of life a chance to see something familiar.

Thank you for the review.