Inspirational Sunday

"Jesus! That name is the greatest weapon "believing believers" have in their arsenal of weapons given from God." Wayne Cochran

Rae's Thought: I have a huge fascination with name meanings. For example, the name Dominique means 'belonging to the Lord.' My name, Raenice, doesn't really have a meaning - it came from my mother's imagination. I just take it to mean 'unique'. Most people's names have meanings. Some are positive; some are negative. None of them have the power that the name of Jesus has.

For Christians, the name of Jesus is like beautiful music to the ears. We can listen to it all day and never tire of it. We can find peace in that name. We say we know about this power, but do we really? If we really, truly knew and believed in that power, a lot of the worrying we do would cease. Jesus' name is so powerful, that God put it above all other names. Also, the Bible tells us that, eventually, at that name, EVERYONE (in heaven, on earth, and under the earth) will confess that Jesus is Lord.

God has given us a powerful weapon in that's up to us to use it and use it wisely. Things begin to happen when you use Jesus' name. Try something with me: I want you to holler out the name of Jesus. I mean dig into your heart, deep into your soul and say, "Jesus!" Are you sick? JESUS! Satan bothering you? JESUS! Troubles at home or at school? JESUS! Have so many issues that you feel like giving up? JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Don't take that name for granted. His name has so much power, that, because we've just called upon it, at least one, if not all, of us has just spoken a miracle into our situation. You've called on Jesus' name, now watch God move.